Hey there, I am Hanna.

It's lovely to meet you! 


I work with

ambitious women across the world to help them heal deeply and create the beautiful + successful lives they've always wanted!


My coaching programs are a blend of Family Healing, Energy Clearing and Life Strategy - designed to set you up for a truly fulfilled and all-around beautiful life.


I believe...

... that the main goal in life is to be happy - everything else is just icing on the cake. Help from the invisible world is always available, we only have to ask. And being close to nature is the secret ingredient to a live well lived!


How it all began...

In my early twenties, I moved to Bali, Indonesia, with the intention of starting a business and living the tropical island dream. I was finally free to create my life the way I wanted it, but looking into the future gave me stomach aches.

Was I really capable of creating the future I want for myself?

Throughout my life I had been struggling with mental illness, my diagnoses ranging from PTSD, to an anxiety disorder, depression and an eating disorder.

I knew deep down that I was capable of so much, but I was exhausted, self-conscious and needed a break to heal. 

So I rode my scooter around the island. I sat in cafes overlooking the rice paddies and scribbled business ideas into my notebook. I wore flowers in my hair and swam with all kinds of colorful fish.

The intuitive nudges were getting stronger each day. Even though I was scared, I enrolled in coach training school and started on my path of becoming a healer. Fast forward to today: I now work with the loveliest of clients, I have become happier than I ever even thought possible and I believe more than ever in the power of following our intuitive guidance!

It's been a beautiful, bumpy road and I am infinitely grateful for how perfectly orchestrated it all turned out to be.


Before that…

Long before the whispers of my soul called me to launch my coaching practice, I was a happy shop girl selling gorgeous designer lingerie. During that time I also wrote steamy articles on sex and spirituality.

Before that, I received a degree in International Textile And Clothing Management with a dream of becoming the CEO of an eco-friendly fashion company. Before that, I was living like a modern monk and spent most of my time meditating and practicing yoga. And before that, I was a drunk 20-something trying to find Spirit in electronic music, parties and alcohol.

I couldn’t know it then, but dancing my heart out for days set me on a path to being a healer… and to meeting you. Yay!

I hold certifications in Life Coaching and Family Constellation Therapy, I am also an Energy Healer, a Priestess of the Divine Feminine and I like to make cookies that smell like a big warm hug.


But enough about me, I’d love to know about you!

Book a complimentary Soulful Success Call if you’re ready to get in touch, or

spend some time checking out how we can work together.

I am so glad you are here!


x Hanna

PS: I have a gift for you..

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