Step into the Greatness

You are destined for…


You’re a Woman..

..With a BIG Vision for Her Future.

You know you are ready for greater levels of success.

You dream of being a radiant leader running a soulful (+ highly profitable) business. You desire soul-shaking, deep and lasting love.

You believe that your life is meant to be an extraordinary adventure. And most of all - you want to become the highest, most love-filled expression of you!

You are ready to make profound changes to your life and step into your abundant future...


But right now…


You feel stuck in your day-to-day and sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever reach the level of success and happiness you desire.

The self-doubt, anxiety and unrealized dreams have been wearing you out.

And not even a plant based diet can fully bring back your glow!

You’d love to worry less, see your perfect path clearly in front of you and finally create the life you’ve always wanted.


Hi! I am Hanna

As a Soulful Success Coach, Energy Healer and Family Constellation Therapist, I help ambitious women across the world heal deeply and create the beautiful + successful lives they desire.

My greatest joy is supporting my clients in making their goals a reality - whether that’s busting through their income ceilings, falling in love with the right mate for them or moving into new levels of success in their love-based businesses!

I run the podcast "Mystics on a Mission Show" and live in London, United Kingdom.


What if you could...

  • Stop standing in your own way so much and start making your dreams & ideas a reality?

  • Radiate confidence and become the happy + successful YOU, you are meant to be?

  • Move towards your dream life and grow more fulfilled with every step you take?


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Healing Your Relationship To Money
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After working with Hanna, I feel much more at peace! I now catch myself when I am anxious and I can transform it into a higher vibration! I am pushing less and struggling less. Life does not have to be a struggle. I am so much more confident and in alignment with who I truly am!

-Esma Karamanci Kirim, Actor and Entertainer


Work with Me

In my signature program The Unlimited Life and my 1:1 Coaching programs, I’ve helped nearly a thousand ambitious women to heal deeply and step into the freedom + success they truly desire.

I'd love nothing more than to take you by the hand and show you how fun and easy creating your dream life can be!


“I am so happy to say that within just a few weeks of working with Hanna, my monthly income doubled! I am now consistently making more money than I ever have. And best of all- the clients I attract are wonderful people and so great to work with.”

-Allison Pelot, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist