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Choose between self-study ecourses, 1:1 coaching programs and guided meditations to help you confidently step into the abundant future that's awaiting you.


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1 Calmly Confident

My best selling ecourse Calmly Confident is a great choice if you are new to my work and ready to heal anything in the way of being the brightest, happiest version of you.

You'll get...

  • My favorite energy clearing techniques to help you let go of any self-worth issues, fear and self-doubt,
  • Family constellation healings to create harmony in your family system and free you from dysfunctional patterns,
  • Confidence coaching to help you feel deeply at ease in your own skin!

You'll get more than 3 hours worth of meditation downloads and over 15 PDF coaching workbooks.

*This course is also an amazing support for you if you are currently healing from PTSD, an eating disorder, anxiety or depression.

Join this course and I'll personally guide you as you are healing old wounds and becoming the happiest you've ever been.

2 1:1 Coaching With Hanna

Want my hands-on support in creating the life of your dreams? I'd love nothing more than to take you by the hand and to show you how happy and alive you can really feel!

Your natural state is to be abundant, joyful and completely fulfilled. Together, we can heal any dysfunctional family patterns, deep cleanse your energy field and put you on your way to having the bright and abundant future you deserve.

I've helped clients build love-based businesses, recover from anxiety and depression, find true love and create lives of freedom and abundance. You have what it takes - the meaningful work, loving relationships and wonderful feeling of being at peace with yourself are just a few energy clearings away!

3 Soulful Success Day

Spend an entire day with me in Amsterdam, the most beautiful city on the planet! After a good nights sleep in a gorgeous hotel, you and I will meet for a healthy breakfast and then we'll get started on a full day of energy clearings and constellations.

During the day, we're going to clear any energetic junk that is keeping your life from matching your highest vision and you'll leave feeling excited and refreshed - knowing exactly how you can create the bright future you deserve.

I'll surprise you with amazing gifts, guests and activities and we'll end the day over a lavish dinner in one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Your Soulful Success Day will be perfectly tailored to your needs and you'll get my wholehearted, undivided support in becoming the happiest, most abundant version of you!


* Not sure what's right for you? Book a call with Hanna and she'll personally assist you in finding the right program for your needs!

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