If this is how you feel,

You have come to the right place! 


  • Radiating confidence and uplifting every person who comes into contact with you!

  • Moving towards your dream life and growing more fulfilled with every step you take. 

  • Feeling excited and at peace as you are following your Soul's guidance, living life YOUR way!

What Would It Take...

For You To Have the deeply fulfilling life you dream of? 


Hi! I am Hanna

My clients come to me because they are ready to clear the patterns that are keeping them from living an abundant life and move towards the fulfillment of their sacred work! 

As a coach, I specialize in emotional healing and life purpose fulfillment and have been studying psychology for over a decade. 


If you want to create a life that is 100% aligned with your unique gifts and desires,

I am excited to support you!

The Podcast

Work With Me


What can I support you with? Leaving procrastination, fear and perfectionism behind? Overcoming financial issues and having healthier money flow? Healing anxiety and depression? 

It is my intention for you to live abundantly and have flow in every area of your life! So whether it's your finances, career or relationships that are out of whack, I am ready to help you heal any blocks that are keeping you from living a healthy, wealthy life!

My methods are quick and go directly to the root of your issues! (And the best part, you will see immediate results.) No more struggling to figure things out by yourself. 

If you hold the belief that change is hard or that healing takes a long time, you will be surprised by how quickly you can feel better and get into a lasting state of flow!