Creating a rich and stress-free life with all the time freedom you could ask for. 

Enjoying a beautifully abundant business (or career) that supports you and allows you to experience your life fully!

Feeling radiant and at peace as you are walking your Soul's path, being successful YOUR way!


What If...

with the right support, you could create the deeply fulfilling life and business you dream of? 

I know that you were born to do something incredible! 

Hi! I am Hanna

I provide coaching programs for awakened women who are passionate about building businesses and careers that are a force for good in the world - while living well and being completely at ease! 

My unique blend of soul alignment and emotional healing helps brilliant minds go from stuck to effortlessly flowing and live abundant lives - that are just right for THEM!


If you are a talented soul who wants to build a life that is 100% aligned with your unique gifts and desires, I have something special for you! 

Soulful Success Is...

Walking the path your Soul wants to take, living a deeply fulfilling life based on what feels best for YOU!

Enjoying the pursuit of external achievements, while building a beautiful life and career YOUR way. Living and working in a soulful, stress-free and healing way, based on your unique needs and desires.

Most of all, approaching life with the intention to experience it fully, devoting yourself to creating work that truly matters and expressing your gifts for the benefit of all!

The Podcast

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Private 1:1 Coaching

Coaching programs for brilliant women who are ready to discover their life's work, build a thriving business (or career) based on what makes them feel most successful and experience their lives to the fullest!

In my coaching programs, I work with beautiful souls who want nothing more than to live well and create work that truly matters, while being completely themselves.