It is time to...



What If I told you...

...that out of love and loyalty to your family, you are holding yourself back and recreating the same financial, health and relationship issues they had- without even knowing it? 

The consciousness of your family affects you in a big way.

Together, we can create order in your family system, liberate you from repeating the same old patterns and increase the flow of life force energy, which enables you to live a healthy, happy and wealthy life! 

Sounds weird/interesting/good? I invite you to a session with me, so that you can see how powerful this work is and take steps to live your life the way you want it! 

Hi! I am Hanna

As a Family Constellation Therapist and Soulful Success Coach, I specialize in transgenerational healing and life purpose fulfillment and I work with people from across the world in my online practice. 

  • Freeing yourself from procrastination, lack of confidence and the behavioral patterns that keep you broke, single and unhappy. 

  • Radiating confidence and uplifting every person who comes into contact with you!

  • Moving towards your dream life and growing more fulfilled with every step you take. 



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Work With Me


It is my intention for you to live abundantly and have flow in every area of your life! So whether it's your finances, career or relationships that are out of whack, I am excited to support you.

Family Constellation Therapy, helps us disintegrate dysfunctional family dynamics, so that you are free to create your future the way you envision it.

My methods are quick and go directly to the root of your issues! (And the best part, you will see immediate shifts.) No more struggling to figure things out by yourself. 

If you hold the belief that change is hard or that healing takes a long time, you will be surprised by how quickly you can feel better and get into a lasting state of flow!