Your VIP Intensive

I am SO EXCITED to meet with you for your VIP Intensive soon! In order for us to use our time together in the most efficient way, please fill out the questionnaire below. I can't wait to get started!

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Mailing Address
How would you feel in your body? What would you eat? How fit would you be? What would you look like?
What would you know and be a master of? What level of intelligence would you enjoy? What would be the quality of your thinking?
What character traits and qualities does your ideal self have?
Describe both your relationship to your family of origin, siblings and parents, as well as your family life with your kids, including how you parent.
What is your relationship to life/the universe/your guides and angels like? What spiritual practices are you engaged in?
Who would you be with? If you are single, describe your ideal partner. What kind of a relationship would you have? What kind of a life would you have together? How would you feel? What would your sex life be like?
Who would you be surrounded by? What quality of friends would you have? What kind of a network? And who would be part of your network?
What would your relationship to money and wealth be like? How much money would you earn? How much money would you own? What money practices would you be engaged in?
Who would you work with? How would you feel in your day-to-day? What would be your status?
Where would you live? With who? What would your home look like? What would it feel like?
Would you own a certain car or boat? Clothes? Would you live a luxurious, natural or minimalist lifestyle? What would it look like to own the perfect amount of things for you - not too much to weigh you down and just enough to provide you with everything you desire.
Think about travel, fine dining, adventures... What fun and experiences would you like to have?
E.g. love, integrity, adventure, contribution...
E.g. clear business mission, fearless confidence... Please list the outcomes in order of importance.
I agree that Hanna Bier may store and use any photography taken during my VIP intensive. I retain the right to ask her to take them down or delete them as I see fit.