“My Dream Life Is Coming Together Right Before My Eyes - It’s Magical!”


Give me a moment of your time and I’ll show you how you can create a life that fits you perfectly too. 

You Are Dreaming of a Beautiful,
Feminine and Rich Life...

 ..that's just perfect for you.


A life of time and financial freedom and deep, love-filled relationships. A life where you feel deeply at ease in your own skin.

You want be more confident about yourself. Spend less time worrying and boldly go after the success you desire. You would finally be where you've always wanted to be!

But right now, something in your life feels off. You keep meaning to go after your goals, but it's like invisible forces are holding you back from reaching them. You seem to never get around to having the career, money or love life you want and it’s frustrating.

The truth is, you really thought you’d be much closer to your goals by now.

...every now and then, there’s this deeper anxiety bubbling to the surface and it makes you question everything.


You’ve probably read all the self-help books you could find, from Brené Brown to Eckhart Tolle, and watched a ton of inspiring TED talks. But you still feel stuck in the same old patterns.

You realize that it’s not about more information. You know what to do, but you are just not doing it!

You feel ashamed and embarrassed.

I know how frustrating it can be to know that you’ve got so much untapped potential - you could be doing SO MUCH MORE with your life!

It can be hard to feel good about yourself when you are carrying all those unrealized dreams around with you…


Here’s the Thing:

You get an A+ for effort!

You’ve come really far on your own already. That’s an amazing testament of just how powerful you are.

But if you are still struggling with the same issues, even after years of working on them - maybe it’s time to try a new approach.

…You can’t meditate away your family patterns.

…You can’t willpower your way out of your energy blocks.

…It’s not that you need more affirmations or more advice!

What you really need is to get rid of all those inner blocks that are keeping you from having the life you truly want AND to follow a complete, step-by-step plan that will help you create + design your ideal life.



the Unlimited Life Academy


The Unlimited Life Academy is my signature online program designed to teach you everything you need to know about how to heal deeply and create a truly extraordinary life for yourself.


This program is for you if…

  • You have BIG dreams for your life, but you are feeling blocked and stopped, unsure of how to reach them (or your progress is frustratingly slow).

    • You KNOW you have a lot of potential, but you’re struggling to really believe in yourself.

    • You have a feeling that your stuckness might be some old emotional and family-related wounds that need to be healed.

    • You don’t know how to multiply your income, have a beautiful love life and create the life of your dreams, but you would like to learn how to create this now.

    • You are an ambitious action taker who takes responsibility for her life. (Or this is who you’d like to be.)

Sounds like you?


“With Hanna’s help I left my corporate job of 10 years to pursue my dream to be an entrepreneur! I am excited - my life is shaping up to be magical with limitless possibilities. My faith and connection to the divine has deepened and I hardly ever have a bad day anymore.

-Hannah Smith


Why I Created Unlimited Life Academy:

As a result of having worked with close to a thousand ambitious women (and a few wonderful men) around the world, I found that there is a predictable process that can take you from feeling stuck in a life that doesn’t work for you to being free from old wounds and having a healthy, prosperous life that fits you perfectly.

I’ve spent the last four years perfecting my methodology and my greatest joy is to show you just how easy and joyful bringing your goals to fruition can be.

Yes, it takes some elbow grease! And yes, you would have to learn some new tools! But there is no greater adventure than to trust your heart and to say YES to the freedom and fulfillment that your ideal life can bring.

You deserve to be happy, well and successful. It is all available to you!

Simply take the first step.


“Since starting my program, I have begun to completely overhaul my life! I have met and fallen in love with a man who respects me, worships me and embodies all the values I wish for in a partner. I now feel so much lighter and secure in who I am, my place in this world and the value I hold. I am so glad I put my faith in Hanna and her method, all I had to do was follow through 100% on my program and trust the process!”

-Ashley Frost


Here’s how + why the program works:

Together, we will..


1 Heal Your Family System

We’ll start by bringing your family system into balance, resolving transgenerational patterns as well as healing any trauma you've experienced in your childhood - this creates the strong foundation you need for a healthy, happy life.

2 Clear Your Inner Blocks

Then, we will clear out the inner “gunk” you’ve accumulated over the course of your life which will dramatically shift your energetic vibration. You will step into the knowing that you are lovable, worthy of success and deserve a beautiful, rich life. Feeling light and bright on the inside - it is now much easier to bring your dreams to come to fruition!

3 Create a Clear Vision + Plan for Where You Are Going

Together, we will map out your ideal life along with the exact path that will take you there. From there, you simply have to take the small and doable actions that get you to where you want to go. You are finally on the right track for you!

4 Take Massive, Joyful Action in the Direction of Your Goals

You will recover your natural drive, self-belief and enthusiasm for life - empowering you to take powerful and profitable action steps creating your dream life. Wouldn't it be amazing for you to be a confident, unlimited action taker who manifests your future abundance with ease?

5 Acclimate to Your New Life so It’s Now Your New Normal

Imagine being the joyful, bold, energetic, attractive, vibrant and love-filled YOU, you truly are! You will turn into the level 10 version of you that can create, sustain and enjoy the gorgeous, freedom-based life you deserve. The upgrades we have created for you are now your new normal.


You will step into the clarity + momentum that will allow you to finally experience the beautiful life you’ve been envisioning for yourself.



Are You Ready

to Begin Your Unlimited Life?


A Letter from Hanna

I remember a time when I felt lost and alone.

In my early 20s, I was deeply unhappy in my life. At the time, I was a Fashion student who had an alcohol problem, was constantly worried about money and had crippling depression.

I was dreaming of being free to travel, having plenty of money in the bank and having a career that fits who I am - but the life I envisioned for myself felt out of reach!

It took countless mistakes, coaches, courses and sleepless nights for me to figure out how to release my blocks and create the life and business I wanted.


It wasn’t until I discovered Energy Healings and Family Constellation Therapy, that a light switch flipped inside of me.

  • ..my depression and anxiety melted away.

  • ..I felt more energetic and confident than ever before.

  • ..my income, savings and business success kept increasing.

  • ..and I fell head over heels in love with my life!


It is now my life’s work and my greatest joy to help ambitious women across the world heal deeply and step into the future they deserve.

And the best part - my clients and I are regular women, just like you! There is nothing special about us, except that at one point we decided that we deserve to be truly happy and trusted our heart when it told us to play a bigger game.

Maybe you are feeling the pull to move into a new level of success in your business… Maybe you’ve been single for so long and want to be finally ready for love… Maybe you’re feeling exhausted and would like to recover your joy for life!

I love nothing more than supporting my wonderful clients in bringing their dreams to fruition! I believe in you and would love to support you too.

Are you



What Sets Us Apart…

Why you’ll succeed in this program

teal line.jpg

Live Training and Healings with Hanna

My favorite part about the Unlimited Life is getting to spend time with YOU! On our three monthly healing calls, you will receive powerful energy healings, 1:1 coaching and be personally guided by me on how to make your goals a reality. I will answer your questions and be by your side every step of the way.

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Powerful Transformation

My programs are designed to clear energetic blockages, raise your vibration and rewire you with the confidence and clarity you need to experience your life to your fullest potential. You will receive daily, weekly and monthly energy clearings that will make you feel lighter and brighter than ever before!

teal line.jpg

A Community You’ll Love

I have a talent for calling in and selecting amazing high-achieving women from across the world who will be your support system throughout the program. You will be in a bubble of love, encouragement and accountability, which will allow you to take massive action with unshakable self-belief!

teal line.jpg

Practical Results

The program works when you work it! Simply apply what you learn with consistency, and you’ll begin to see positive changes in your life. It’s that simple!


The Unlimited Life Academy Includes…


One private virtual Strategy Session with Hanna (1x 30 mins, recorded)


12 Modules sent every two weeks directly to your inbox. These modules will guide you through my proven, step-by-step process to create the life you desire. (12 x audio modules + worksheets)


22 Live Virtual Gatherings with Hanna to answer your questions and give you the high-level support you need. (22 x 60 mins, recorded)


Three Deep Dive Trainings on how to Master Your Money, Attract Love That Lasts and Live in a State of Deep, Unshakable Faith.


BONUS Family Constellations, Energy Healings and Hanna’s best tools to help you create lasting transformation in your life.

A bubble of love, encouragement and accountability so you take massive action and never feel alone.

…you will receive all the tools and strategies you need to turn your current reality into a life beyond beyond your wildest dreams.




In just six to twelve months, you could make more progress toward your highest life vision than you would in 5-10 years of struggling on your own.

(Or worse, living in a state of doubt and anxiety, wondering if you'll ever make your dreams happen.)


Let’s accelerate your path to the freedom and greatness you were born for.


“I am so happy to say that within just a few weeks of working with Hanna, my monthly income doubled! I am now consistently making more money than I ever have. And best of all- the clients I attract are wonderful people and so great to work with. My life is beautiful, grounded, honest and joyful. I feel that I've been able to create a new sense of security and safety, one that comes from knowing myself better and having released the stuck old energy.”

-Allison Pelot



When you join this program, your life will change in deep and wonderful ways. You will complete it feeling lighter, brighter and freer than ever before!

I am fully focused on tangible results and giving you the deepest, most profound possible transformation, this is why we do things a little differently around here.

If you are ready to take 100% responsibility for living a life you truly love, healing anything in the way of that becoming a reality AND are open to trying something new - you sound like a great fit for the Unlimited Life Academy!

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