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EP14: Madeline Giles On Angels, Fairies And Atlantis

Hi everyone! 

My guest on the show this week is Madeline Giles, a very sweet soul who is my breath work teacher and the founder of Angelic Breath Healing. After talking to Erin Telford about breath work during an earlier episode, I was inspired to try it and do some research on it. 

I quickly found Madeline on Instagram, joined her virtual community and I have been breathing with Angels ever since. The experience is difficult to describe, so if you are curious and excited to learn about something new, listen to the episode! 

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EP12: Maddy Moon On Body Image And The Illusion Of Security

Hi wild ones!,  

This weeks guest is my close friend Maddy Moon and I am so excited to have her on the show! We met quite a while ago when she interviewed me for her podcast Mind Body Musings and we have been friends ever since. 

Maddy is a coach, author and former fitness model and conversations with her are always a little rant-y because Maddy and I can get pretty passionate about our work! 

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