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EP20: Lucy Sheridan On Comparison, Social Media And Staying True To Yourself

Hi everyone,

This weeks episode is one of my favorites yet, I am talking to Lucy Sheridan, the fist and only Comparison Coach who is on a mission to take us from compare and despair to #comparisonfree! What we talk about during the episode is very close to my heart, every single person and client I talk to including myself, is struggling with comparison and I am so excited to have Lucy on the show, so that she can share with us what to do about this nasty habit!

If you find yourself Facebook stalking former classmates or completely lose yourself on Instagram and end up feeling terrible about yourself, this episode is for you! We talk about practical ways to keep our social media accounts high-vibe, how to boost our self-esteem, so that comparison can't get to us anymore and how to not get distracted, so that we can stay on track with our own paths. 

I loved shooting with Lucy and I am so excited to introduce you to her. Enjoy the episode and don't forget to tell us about your takeaways! 

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EP19: How To Radiate Unshakeable Confidence!

Hi everybody,

I am so excited about this weeks episode, I wanted to record a solo one because a question I get over and over again is: "How can I be more confident?"

Being effortlessly confident is truly a superpower, when you have high self-esteem, you will notice that others will like you more and you will more easily be able to take steps towards the vision you have for your life! 

In todays episode, I am sharing with you very powerful and practical ways to feel totally confident about yourself starting right now, as well as how your upbringing and family history influences your ability to feel confident in your own skin.

This is deep, powerful stuff and goes to the very root of your being. Listening to this episode and doing all the exercises is truly the best thing you  can do for yourself. We cover some really juicy topics and I am excited to hear from you what you are going to do with your new level of confidence!

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