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EP26: Alexandra Roxo On Snake Medicine, Bondage And Being Yourself

Hi wild ones,

This weeks guest is Alexandra Roxo, a film maker, writer and mentor. I wanted to have Alexandra on the show, because she is wise, funny and a true mystic on a mission! 

On the show, we talk about speaking your truth and how to deal with the pain of being rejected, as well as what it takes to heal and keep walking your path even when it get's hard. 

I love this episode because we also get into Alexandras experiences with Snake medicine and how a Japanese bondage practice called Shibori has helped her enter deeper states of surrender! 

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EP2: Ellen Ercolini On Authenticity In Business And Embracing Insecurity

Hey there! 

I am very excited to be introducing you to one of the first coaches I ever hired: Ellen Ercolini! She is a wise soul, business strategist and all-around money making wizard. Every time I speak with her, I take notes for days and she always brings incredible practical wisdom that really helps move my business forward. This episode is amazing because you get a glimpse into Ellens brilliant mind as she shares the tools that skyrocket her client's businesses. 

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