The Radical Radiance Meditation Bundle

The Radical Radiance Meditation Bundle



The Golden Light Meditation - Heals your entire body, uplifts and calms you. This meditation is a powerful healer and works with the frequency of unconditional love. 

The Cleansing Breath Meditation - Detoxifies your body and mind, expands your lungs and helps you release stagnant energy. This meditation will leave you energized and purified!

The Forever Free Meditation - Stay centered and at ease no matter what. This meditation teaches the principles of freedom and helps you heal your emotional, physical and mental blocks. 

The Lady of Communion Meditation - Journey into the forest and leave with total clarity and one-pointed focus. This meditation helps you set powerful intentions and teaches you how to turn your dreams into reality with ease.

The White Light Healing Meditation - Completely reset your energy body and start the day, cleansed, grounded, uplifted and protected. This is the perfect everyday meditation for increased flow and bliss in your life!

The Surrender Meditation - Instant relief through deep surrender to the Divine within you. This meditation will make you feel balanced and uplifted. You will effortlessly return to your natural state of boundless energy and deep joy!

The Wild Passion Meditation - Inspired by the Creator/Destroyer Goddess, this meditation will help you burn through anything old and boring and come back to your wild, passionate and instinctual self! If you are in need of some serious upleveling, this meditation will purify every area of your life. 

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