Tell Me About Your Experience

And Help Me Serve You Even Better

I am so happy you agreed to tell me about your experience with me as your coach and therapist. Your answers to the questions below help me improve my work as a coach, deliver even more value to you and call in other perfect clients like you!


E.g. number of income you made, clients/auditions/ opportunities you booked, days per month you spent free of anxiety, number of friends you made, miracles that happened for you...
E.g. I did all my homeplay, took massive action, I trusted the program, asked questions..
Based on your answers, I would love to write a short testimonial using your own words to publish on my website. Do you agree to this?
If you agree to a testimonial, would it be ok for future potential clients to contact you if they have questions about the coaching?
Your testimonial would be published with your name, business name (if applicable), link to your website or social media.

One last thing:

A number of my clients have wanted to tell their friends about my programs, but they aren’t sure how to do so. The easiest way to connect me with someone you thing would hugely benefit from working with me (thanks so much for wanting to put us in touch!) is to tell them to book a call with me.

If you have any friends who are ready to heal deeply and bring their dreams to fruition, feel free to send them to - I would be happy chat and see how I can help!

I know you value your relationships and so do I. If your friends are experiencing a problem I’ve helped you solve, I’d be honored to help them too.

And if there is anything else I can do, I am here for you.


Hanna x

PS: The same is true on the flip side: Many times in my coaching practice, I’ve had the pleasure to send my amazing clients referrals and I’m absolutely honored to do it. This happens often because I love getting to know my clients intimately and become an advocate of the beautiful work they are doing!

I am in the very lucky position of running a mainly referral-based company and I am always excited to chat to see if I can help your friends in their specific situation. So of course I will happily do the same for you when I meet someone who would benefit from working with you! I hope that’s ok.

I appreciate you.

Thanks for being amazing.