Which of these statements apply to you?

You have unhealed trauma from your childhood. You have low self-esteem and doubt yourself a lot. You struggle to create your life the way you want it. You are always broke or barely scraping by. You make a lot of money and then lose it. You keep battling the same eating disorder or illness. You always attract the same type of guy/girl. You are always the one getting dumped (or you are the dumpee)... 

What if I told you that your family may be the cause of those patterns in your life?

Maybe your parents got divorced. Maybe your grandparents were refugees. Maybe your older brother isn’t doing so well financially and is causing a part of you to feel guilty for earning great money!

There are probably a handful of family dynamics that are influencing the course of your life without you even really being aware of it.

The family system you are a part of influences you in a huge way,

they are the people who gave you life and who are closest to you energetically!

So if you are trying to pursue the desires you have for yourself but can’t seem to really get there, you are not alone!

Most people I talk to tell me that sometimes they feel like invisible forces are keeping them from their dream life and no amount of law of attraction/hypnotherapy or willpower really helps.

If this sounds like you, I have to tell you: You are not crazy!

Whatever it is you are struggling with is probably beyond you. Out of love and loyalty to your family and a deep desire to belong, you are following the family consciousness and maybe even carrying some trauma that isn’t yours!

This type of therapy is truly amazing.

In a Family Constellation Therapy session, we rearrange your family system to help love flow in a healthy way and we help you receive the life force energy you need to heal your life and move forward!

The Morphic Field

During a session, we work in the morphic field of your family, which is an energetic field that stores all the memories of all of your ancestors.

Think about a flock of birds flying in a V formation. The morphic field of the family of birds directs the behavior of the individuals and imposes order on them. Basically, animals and humans could move in any direction but they move in coordination with each other as a whole, which is directed by their morphic field.

This means that you act in accordance with your family consciousness without even knowing it! We oftentimes think we are doing our own thing but when we observe the way humans behave, think and feel we see that this movement is pretty strict. Even though we try, we might be stuck in the same behavior and can't seem to change it! 


There once was a pregnant dog who got hit by a car and hurt her leg.

Throughout the pregnancy, she was limping and when the puppies were born, they also developed a limp leg!

The desire to stay part of the family was so strong that the puppies chose belonging over health and modeled the moms behavior. 


In addition to observing our family members do life a certain way and mimicking them, we also have information about our ancestors stored in our DNA. Your ancestors might have experienced war or have had tragic lives that they couldn't fully process.

The family trauma that hasn't been processed, affects us the most and keeps us blindly following the family consciousness.

Out of love and loyalty to your family, you are following them in their suffering and you sacrifice your wellbeing as a way to stay close to them! 

This is actually very loving and the objective of a Family Constellation Therapy is to honor your ancestors and their fates, while rearranging the system, so that love can flow in a more effective way. After all, your family are the people who gave you life and you are forever indebted to them for it! 

Instead of blindly following your family consciousness, we make sure your family system is in a healthy state and this liberates you to live your life free from sketchy patterns and so that you can create your future the way you want it! 

This work has truly changed my life and helped me heal wounds that no other healing modality could access. If you are interested in learning more about working with me, you can read more here.