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are you ready to feel lighter and brighter than ever before?

+ Get Rid of The Inner Resistance That’s Holding You Back From Fully Stepping into Your Greatness?

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If so - then I am over-the-moon excited to gift you this Energy Clearing Mini Course!

Learning to clear my own energy has helped me get rid of money blocks, love blocks, happiness blocks and so much more.

My life looks nothing like it used to (in a very good way!) and I am now so excited that I get to teach you how to create a gorgeous, freedom-based life for yourself too!

In addition to seeing my life change in the most magical ways - I’ve also noticed that the more I clear out my inner blocks, the better I feel.

I now live with a beautiful sense of lightness and I love it.

…would you like to experience the same?

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Clear Your Inner Blocks so You Can Finally Live the Life You Desire!


Here’s what you’ll learn in this mini ecourse:

  • The Daily Energy Clearing Routine my clients and I do that sets us up for a miracle-filled, uplifted and productive day!

  • The shockingly simple trick you can do to raise your vibration in just a few moments (without even needing to close your eyes)

  • How to use energy work to fix specific areas of your life: Your finances, love life, health etc.


 Hi there, it’s nice to meet you!

My name is Hanna Bier, I am an Energy Healer and Soulful Success Coach at hannabier.com. I help ambitious women just like you heal deeply and create the successful, love-filled and freedom-based lives they desire.

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of women helping them achieve new levels of success in their love-based businesses, fall in love with the perfect mate for them, as well as grow lighter + brighter and live more abundantly than ever before!

I live in London, UK, and like to make cookies that smell like a big, warm hug.


Got Questions?

What will I learn?

You’ll learn exactly how to start clearing your own energy blocks. The more you use the tools, the more you’ll feel the “heaviness” lift, it’s amazing to experience!

I will also teach you a very simply and astonishingly powerful phrase that you can use in your day-to-day to turn any situation around into something positive (it works every time!)

And lastly - I will show you exactly what I use to heal specific areas of your life: Imagine money flowing into your bank account seemingly out of nowhere… manifesting your ideal mate… making more positive progress in days than you’ve made in years!

It’s all possible and I am excited to show you how.

Who is this for?

This course is perfect for you, if you have big dreams for your life and are feeling stuck in making them a reality (or your progress is painfully slow).

Over the course of your life, you have very likely accumulated some inner “clutter”. These inner blocks are now making you feel stopped, blocked and keep you from being able to experience the success and freedom you dream of.

This is why your energetic hygiene is so important! Just like you take a shower every day, it is VITAL that you clean out your inner world regularly too.

As soon as you start doing this, you will experience a profound shift in how you feel (and have a much easier time creating the successful, freedom-based life you want!)


the energy healing mini course

- How to Clear Your Inner Blocks, so You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams.

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