You're Dreaming of a Beautiful Life..

 ..that's just perfect for you.

A life where money, love and success come easy. A life where you feel happy and at peace in your own skin.

But right now, your life is an uphill battle. You wish you were happier. That making money was easier. That you could finally reach those goals you are working towards.

The truth is, you know you are ready for more...

... but every now and then, there’s this deeper anxiety bubbling to the surface and it stops you in your tracks.

You’ve probably read all the self-help books you could find, from Brené Brown to Eckhart Tolle, and watched a ton of inspiring TED talks. But you still feel stuck in the same old patterns.

You realize that it’s not about more information. You know what to do, but you are just not doing it!

You feel ashamed and embarrassed.

I know how frustrating it can be to know that you’ve got so much untapped potential - you could be doing SO MUCH MORE with your life!

It can be hard to feel good about yourself when you are carrying all those unrealized dreams around with you..

Coaching With Hanna Is For The Ambitious Woman Who...
  • Has big dreams for her future, but is not experiencing the financial abundance, deep love and freedom-based lifestyle you want and deserve (yet).

  • Wants to make changes to your life… but you’re not sure how or where to start.

  • Has a feeling that your stuck-ness are really some old wounds that need to be healed.

  • Is ready to stand out and be unabashedly yourself - but you need guidance to fully express your uniqueness (+let go of that pesky hesitation).

  • Is bursting with ideas for your business, or what you want to accomplish in you career - but you just can’t seem to get past the dreaming stage and actually be courageous enough to create the success you truly desire.

..let’s accelerate your path to the freedom and greatness you were born for!

The Soulful Success Methodology
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1 We start by bringing your family system into balance, resolving transgenerational patterns as well as healing any trauma you've experienced in your childhood - this creates the strong foundation you need for a healthy, happy life.

2 Then, we instill you with the truth that you are lovable, worthy of success and deserve a beautiful, rich life. We rewire you to have a powerful abundance consciousness, so you can take bolder action and more easily have your dreams come to fruition!

3 The next step is to empower you to take fun and profitable action steps creating your dream life. Wouldn't it be amazing for you to be a more confident action taker so you can reach your goals with more ease?

4 Imagine waking up in the morning feeling joyful, excited and full of love! Together, we'll turn you into the level 10 version of you that can create, sustain and enjoy the success you desire.

5 We’ll also help you move into higher states of consciousness with ease. No need to do everything on your own anymore - the Universe supports you and supplies you with everything you need to live truly abundant life.

Results You Can Expect From Your Program:
  • A step-by-step guide for creating a beautiful life that’s right for you, that you’ll integrate over the course of the program (so you stay on track for success and really just need to take the daily, small action steps that will take you there).

  • A deep understanding of how to have a beautiful love relationship, make more money and have unshakable, lasting faith in your life (You can totally learn this, I will teach you how).

  • A beautiful radiance that draws people and opportunities to you wherever you go - you are moving through your life with more ease and grace.

  • A new level of mastery in your ability to manifest your future and make powerful changes to your life, so you’re never nervous or unsure about what's to come - you are the creator of your destiny!

My current and former clients also received some other positive results from their coaching programs.

Here's what you'll walk away with at the end of our work together:

  • A new sense of confidence in yourself, so you can boldly create the future you envision for yourself.

  • Making more money than ever before and reaching new levels of success with ease (leading a soulful business or transitioning into the fulfilling career you've always dreamed of.)

  • Sleeping more deeply and being filled with boundless energy + enthusiasm for life.

  • A greater capacity to love and enjoy yourself - so you can experience every day to the fullest and savour every moment of your beautiful life.

  • Quickly and easily attracting the right mate for you or deepening your current relationship for more love and connection.

  • Growing more radiant and attractive every day (and people ask you about your secret to having such a gorgeous, healthy glow!)

  • Taking focused, balanced and joyful action steps that will finally feel doable and aligned (taking you to the life that is right for YOU).

Imagine creating and designing an extraordinary life that honors your deepest desires, strengths and uniqueness.. Imagine releasing any blocks and limitations in the way of you being truly happy!


... It's Time To Step Into The Life Of Your Dreams.

Get Started Today!


Get in touch with Hanna to see if this program is right for you and answer any questions.

6 or 12 Month Coaching & Healing Programs

This is the most popular choice to work with Hanna!

Your program includes:

  • A monthly group coaching + healing intensive with Hanna

  • Intimate attention and 1:1 coaching from Hanna as part of your bi-weekly sister circles or private coaching calls (your choice upon booking)

  • A detailed welcome packet that includes an in-depth intensive questionnaire, so I can get to know you and your needs before we even begin

  • Homeplay assignments that will get you to your dream life in no time

  • Archetypal & Goddess Readings: Discover your feminine power

  • A bubble of love, encouragement and accountability (so you take massive, joyful action and never feel alone)


* Sessions will be held using Zoom and I work with clients in all time zones. I only take on a limited number of 1:1 and group clients each year, so if you are considering working with me, I highly recommend getting in touch with me to inquire about a spot.