Welcome To Your 1:1 Coaching Program!

Congratulations on signing up for your coaching program. I am so excited to welcome you and to get started with you soon! 

Here are your next steps:

#1 Fill Out Your Intake Form

  • Make sure to submit the form at least 5 business days before your first session

  • Based on your answers, I will design a custom program for you that will move you into your dream life quickly and easily.

#2 Scheduling Your Sessions

After signing up for your program, you will receive a confirmation email with a certificate code and a link to schedule your sessions.

To schedule your sessions, you can either click the blue link that says Schedule OR click here, fill in your code and book them that way.

Please be aware of your responsibility to schedule your healing sessions with me.

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If you fail to schedule your sessions, they will be void and you won't get the results you desire from your coaching program. I recommend taking your agenda and scheduling your sessions for the coming months, so you are all set and can fully focus on getting the most out of your program.

*If you ever need to reschedule a session, that's totally ok. Make sure to do so at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise your session will be lost.

#3 Preparing For Your Sessions

Make sure to be in a quiet space, wear comfortable clothes and have some water or herbal tea before your session (this allows your energy to flow better).  Bring a couple of pieces of paper, as well as a blue and a red pen.

I invite you to bring any questions, worries or difficulties to your call, so we can clear them together. Also bring your goals and desires, so we can make them a reality. I will have an agenda for each one of our calls, but you are welcome to request topics to work on.

#4 Call Procedure

Our calls will be held on Zoom and they will be audio only. Join the Zoom call https://zoom.us/j/7234107193 at the time you scheduled and we'll get started from there.

Please note: It is your responsibility to record your healing sessions, so be sure to join the call from a desktop computer and hit record before we get started.

In between sessions, make sure to listen to recording 3-4 more times or until you feel the energy lift. This guarantees lasting changes and the achievement of your goals!

#5 Daily Energy Meditations

Practice the following meditations.

*The Daily Meditation will cleanse and prepare your energy field for a happy, successful day! Practice it in the morning or 1-2 times per day. 

*Practice the Clearing Meditation 3-4 times per week and especially when you are moving through heavy emotions. This meditation will help the energy release and make you feel lighter + brighter the more you practice it.

#6 Additional Support

Don't hesitate to be in touch, my email is hanna@freespirited.co. I usually respond to emails within two business days. I also recommend checking out my other meditations and joining the monthly masterclasses if you would like some additional support.

If you have any questions at all, I am here for you. I am excited to get started!


Hanna x
Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a question about listening to the calls (including the masterclass ones) and the meditations. There’s a lot to listen to: Is there a schedule you recommend?

Oooh great question! Here's what I suggest you do: Listen to the recordings of your coaching calls in between sessions 3/4 times or until the energy feels lighter and then put them in a folder somewhere and label it the topic of that session. Then, always connect to the light every day (either on your own or by doing the daily meditation) and say your energy statements. The third priority is to do the evening meditation (you've been doing it a lot and I feel this can be put on the back burner for a little while. You can go back to it when you have a rough day or don't feel so good.) The last priority is doing the recordings from the masterclasses, because you've already done those a couple of times too.

So sometimes the energy simply takes time to process. It's enough to listen to a recording a couple of times and then just let it go for a few weeks or months. I recommend going back to it later and then seeing what shifted. Sometimes the recording will pull up a deeper layer OR you will listen to it and see how you have changed so much and what we cleared doesn't apply to you at all anymore.

I don’t feel so good all of a sudden. I am feeling very tired, emotional and my muscles ache. Is this related to the energy clearings and family constellations?

It very likely is! The energy we are pulling up and clearing is stored in your body, sometimes even as deep as your genetic code (e.g. in the case of inherited family patterns). So when we clear this energy, it moves through your body and is being released that way.

Tingly feelings in your body, feeling heavy & tired, yawning a lot, being hungry or thirsty, intense emotions and a change in your sleeping patterns are very common (and good) signs that the energy is moving. If you are experiencing any of those symptoms, try going for long walks, stretch your body, sleep as much as you can, drink more water than you think you need and make sure to always be connected to the light.

Another common thing that happens is that more “junk” bubbles up and makes you feel unwell. In that case, make sure you have a session with me coming up (reschedule it for an earlier date it necessary) and do the “Clearing With Your Higher Self” Meditation a couple of times to keep clearing the energy.

You are also welcome to send me an email and I’ll read your energy field to see what’s going on! I am always here for you, so don’t hesitate to do that.