Wouldn't it be nice to...

...feel more at ease in your own skin?

Imagine worrying less and chasing your dreams with more joy and confidence.

You would excitedly act on the brilliant ideas that are popping into your mind - knowing that you are capable of bringing them through to fruition.


But right now...

You are anxious about your future. You know you are meant for great things - but you are questioning if you are truly capable of creating the beautiful life you desire!

The self-doubt has been wearing you out and you are exhausted.

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You are tired of having great ideas of where you want to be, feeling so inspired and then having issues following through.

If you keep going like this, you are afraid you'll never see true success with your business, career or passion project.

You've probably tried...

Pushing past the negative voice in your head, taking action anyway. But the same resistance keeps you from staying motivated.

You might have followed some advice that told you to act like a confident winner type. But pretending to be someone else only increased your anxiety.

You might have even talked yourself out of your desires a couple of times - maybe the Universe doesn't want you to reach this goal? But deep down, you still crave the same beautiful and abundant life you've been dreaming of for a long time.


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I know how frustrating it feels to live with these worries because I've been there too.


I used to bounce from one brilliant idea to the next: Should I become a professional dancer? No, a cookbook author. I am so good at math, why don't I become a professor? But I really can't hold a job, so I should start my own business... 

I tried some things for a few months or years but never really took it all the way to where my passions could provide a comfortable income for me.

Deep down, I wasn't sure if I had what it takes. I was desperately waiting for a sign to send me on the right path for me - if only I knew what the Universe wanted me to do, I would do it! 

Every time I moved closer to my dreams, a wave of anxiety washed over me and I was frozen in resistance.

I realized that no matter what I chose as my profession, there was a deeper issue I needed to resolve: I was going to have to grow into someone who can follow their projects through to fruition!

I asked my angels to help me out and shortly after, I was guided to study Family Constellation Therapy. I was blown away by the healing power of this type of energy healing. Within only a few months, I became more confident than I thought would be possible, my voice felt much more authentic to me and I wasn't so intimidated by other successful people anymore.


My procrastination just kind of fell away and I was more excited than ever to roll up my sleeves and create the love-based business I've always wanted. 

A huge wave of relief washed over me and I understood that without so many old wounds affecting my life from the shadows, creating the life that I want is actually pretty easy. 

That's why I created Calmly Confident for anxious creatives. This coaching course is meant to help you shift from drowning in self-doubt to confidently creating the beautiful life you desire.

The program covers...

• Family Constellation healings to help release any family and childhood pain you've been carrying around with you.

Energy clearings with your Higher Self to replace any fear and procrastination with excitement about your future!

Energy healing meditations that will make you feel alive and buzzing with life force energy.

Confidence coaching, so that you can feel deeply at peace in your own skin and happily create the life you desire!

... and some sweet surprises along the way that I won't reveal to you just yet. 



The program journey is designed like a beautiful stroll through an enchanted garden.

We will meditate to a backdrop of revitalizing music. There will be prizes you can win, as well as fun surprises along the way. You will get to know the other participants in our intimate Facebook group and maybe even make friends for life! For added support, you will have intimate access to me as your guide and I will personally answer any questions coming up on your journey. 

And the best part, it's a self-paced course, so you can go through it as fast or as slow as you like.

Think of this like a mini vacation which will leave you feeling lighter, brighter and deeply at peace in your own skin.

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Here's where you can expect to be at the end of the program...

• Radiating a calm, authentic sense of confidence that everyone around you can feel. 

Feeling much happier throughout your day. You can feel the emotional ups and downs melt away.

• Sensing your intuitive gifts activating, which means having a much easier time making decisions.

• Being able to joyfully pursue your desires. You are having fun doing life your way and loving it!

You might even find yourself laughing at any hiccups and detours knowing they are helping you get wiser and stronger. 

Join the course

Start today with one payment of $495.

Or 3x $170 in monthly installments.

Before taking this course I just wanted to spend as much time by myself as I could and I didn’t think I really deserved a beautiful life. After having taken the course, I feel so much lighter! Even my best friend remarked that she hadn’t seen me this bubbly and happy in years.
What surprised me the most was how quickly the energy healing worked. I have been in talk therapy for 10 years and I feel like I just moved more stuck energy in 10 minutes with just one meditation than in all the 10 years combined.
I am so thankful I came across Hanna’s work, this course came at the perfect time and was the perfect price for me! I don’t think I really believed that I could ever heal, until I found her. I feel like I am finally in a place where I can be open to all the magic that I know will follow!
— Nicole Theron-Parkes
The course is a perfect fit for you if...
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• You are tired of beating yourself up so much. 

• You have a feeling that your insecurities are mostly some old wounds that need to be healed.

• You are ready to heal any childhood and family related issues that are in the way of your happiness.

• You want to have more fun on your way to creating the life you envision for yourself.

This program is not for you if...

• You want to learn specific steps on how to reach your goals.

This course is designed to encourage you to discover your right path by following your intuitive guidance.

• You are not open to doing any energy work around your childhood and family.

Family Constellation Therapy makes up a big part of the course. I found that it's really hard to feel good about yourself when there are unhealed family wounds affecting you.

• You don't like to meditate and spiritual language freaks you out.

Let's test this: Do the words Higher Self, intuitive guidance and life force energy send cold shivers down your spine? If so, this course is definitely not for you.


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Just before starting I got diagnosed with PTSD, I was feeling stuck in my life but I’ve always wanted to work with Hanna. So when I got an email about this course I signed up right away - and I am so glad I did!
Thanks to Calmly Confident, I now have a regular meditation practice, I have released a ton of stuck emotion and the way I relate to my parents has completely shifted.
I love that the modules are downloadable because I am excited to go through the course again! I am so grateful that Hanna is there for me and has helped me heal so much of my family junk.
— Marah Strickland, athlete & yoga teacher
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How long does this course take to complete? 

This is a self-paced course, which can be completed within six weeks. With this in mind, I recommend going slowly and really integrating the healings. Go at your own pace, you will have lifetime access to the course after you buy anyway.

How is the course content being delivered? 

The course consists of audio classes, 15 PDF coaching workbooks and over 3 hours of meditation downloads. You can download the course to your phone and take it with you wherever you go!

How much access would I have to you as my coach, Hanna? 

The course is designed to be an intimate experience where I will answer any of your questions and comments. You will also have the opportunity to win 1:1 time with me by playing full out in the course. You won't get as much attention as in a personal session with me, so if you would like a more personalized journey, a 1:1 coaching program might be a better choice for you.

Why is family healing so important? 

If you have a pattern of never really arriving where you want to be, there's a good chance that we are dealing with some family related issues. These could be feelings of not being good enough, "it won't work out anyway, so why bother", feeling undeserving of a beautiful life, self-sabotage and many more. Oftentimes, we can't even say if any of those apply to us, we just generally feel "off" and can't seem to get our lives to work. 

These deeper blocks usually come from our childhood experiences and some might even have been passed down to us from our ancestors. Even just one unresolved family dynamic can have a huge impact on our lives and it feels so good to be free of that junk. If you are curious and want to read more about Family Constellation Therapy, you can do that here.

Start the course today

Join with one payment of $495.

Or 3x $170 in monthly installments.


*Still not sure? Get in touch - I am happy to answer any questions before you join.