Collecting Your Prizes

I recommend keeping your Prizes and Surprises PDF on the desktop of your computer, so that you keep track of your progress

Here's what you can win: 

  • 60-minute coaching session with Hanna Bier: 300 flower petals
  • Reiki intro course with Jo Tucker: 150 flower petals
  • A charged crystal that was selected by Hanna just for you (and shipped to your door): 150 flower petals 
  • A meditation to meet your guides and angels: 70 flower petals
  • A meditation to connect with the right people to help you: 70 flower petals
  • Bundle of three Archetypal Goddess Healing meditations: 70 flower petals

As soon as you have collected enough flower petals for the prize you want, you can claim it.

To do this, simply email me at with the subject line "cashing in my prize", the prize you want and a picture of your filled-in Prizes and Surprises PDF.  I will then respond to you with an email and send you what you won. Wooohoo!