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1 The Rose Gate - Welcome to the Enchanted Garden.


4 The Butterfly Patch - Liking yourself  


7 The Freedom Hill - Getting over the hump


2 The Wise Willow - Preparing for the adventure ahead.


5 The Turquoise Waterfall - Finding Inner Peace


8 The Sunshine Meadow - It's time to celebrate! 


3 The Peony Gazebo - Connect with your personal guide. 


6 The Apple Tree Grove - Creating Family Harmony



x Hanna

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you explain more about what you mean when you say "energy healings take about 6 months to fully integrate?"

"Of course! Let’s say we clear one block, e.g. the anger you still hold from a time when your teacher ridiculed you in front of the class and you subsequently vowed to never do you best in public again because it’ll just make you feel like a loser. So we clear that block and right after, you might feel some sadness bubble up, you might have some confusion or vivid dreams. Your body might ache a little but overall, you feel lighter. So that would be the energy starting to process. This might continue for up to six months. So you might feel more confident to speak up and be yourself in the world right after the clearing, but it also might fully happen for you in 3 months, 4 months or 6 months time. Your body completely regenerates every 11 months and the healing we are doing changes the biochemistry of your body. So even though we changed your energy in an instant, your body needs to catch up and the tissue needs to grow back in a different way."

I did the energy clearing meditation in module 3 and I am feeling a little winded. Should I take a break or keep going? 

"Definitely allow your body to rest, stretch it out and have some water. Sometimes when we feel winded after an energy clearing it’s good to do it again because the energy is activated and trying to release. So you could choose to rest or choose to do it again to fully let go of the junk that’s activated. The important thing is to monitor how your body is feeling and to allow it to rest when it needs to. If you are curious about the upcoming modules, feel free to keep going, module 4 and 5 aren’t as physically demanding as the energy clearing meditation. The deep healing happens in modules 6 and 7, so when you get to those, definitely take a few days break in between healings."

Since doing the course, I've been battling losing my voice. Could this be a sign that the energy healing is working? It seems like there's junk in my throat chakra releasing! 

"Totally! I had this just this year where I was coughing up a storm without really being sick. If you just keep clearing it, it should go away. Don’t be surprised if your voice changes or you find yourself more easily stating what you want and then receive it. As long as you are under the supervision of a doctor to make sure it’s nothing serious and gently keep clearing, you are fine. Every body reacts differently, sometimes people also get fevers and kind of burn through the energy. Also, sometimes the energy that wants to clear gets activated before doing a course or a session and then starts releasing over time. Having these physical symptoms can definitely be signs of energy clearing, so congrats on the great work!"

Listening to module 5. What are some examples of energy clearing statements? 

"An energy clearing statement could be: “everywhere I am angry, I uncreate it, delete it and transmute it across all genetic codes, all time, all realities, all morphic fields and all dimensions.” So you would connect to the light and then say those statements to clear any blocks in your energy field. You can also ask questions: “How many money blocks do I have? Everything that is, I uncreate it and clear it all.” Or you connect to the light, ask that all love/money/career/happiness blocks be lighted up and then you can ask your higher self to pull those out of your body. I am not teaching energy clearing in-depth in this course but if you are intending to win a 1:1 session with me, we can use this session to clear some blocks together."

I am in module 5, I love the idea of of doing energy cleaning on the negative thoughts to plant the deeper, positive ones. Can you give me an example of how I can do this?

"One way you can do it is to ask your higher self to pull those energies out of your energy field. So as you are doing the clearing meditation, ask that everywhere no one understands you be lighted up and then ask your Higher Self to remove it and throw it away. Do this with all negative thoughts. It's helpful to see where the junk lights up in your energy field, because that's how you learn to read yourself and clear yourself out in a controlled way. If you are collecting flower petals, you can also use them to do a 1:1 session with me where we clear you out together. Big hugs!"

Is it possible to both reject your parents, and to be too close to them? I have rejected and been rejected by my parents in some ways, but I also practice parentification and try to save them and am too close to them in other ways.

Having both is totally possible! In this case, do all the meditations :)