The Anxiety Cure - 3 Steps to Worrying Less and Living More

Constant overthinking. An undercurrent of fear. People telling you to stop worrying - but you just can’t help feeling so terrible.

Sounds familiar?

Living with anxiety is HARD.

I have spent most of my adult life trying to heal from an anxiety disorder and releasing my anxiety has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!

So today, I want to explain why you struggle with anxiety and how you can break free:

Here’s Why You Haven’t Been Able To Break Free From Anxiety (Yet)

You Have Some Unresolved Family Trauma

Did you know that anxiety can be genetic? That’s right - anxiety can get passed down from previous generations, especially if your ancestors experienced some major traumas.

Think about it: Have your parents or grandparents experienced anything major like loss of a parent, war trauma, sexual trauma, emotional abuse…

Some of our ancestors have had very tragic fates and haven’t been able to fully process it when it occurred. This unprocessed trauma is stored in the body and then gets passed down to younger generations.

So some of the anxiety you are experiencing might not even be yours! That’s interesting, right?

YOU Have Experienced Some Trauma

Most of my clients who struggle with anxiety have experienced traumas of some sort: neglect by a parent while they were little, being bullied at school, loss of a sibling, moving frequently…

If you experienced trauma while your brain was still developing, you didn’t have all the tools yet to manage that situation. It very likely affected how your body is wired, so now as an adult, you have a tendency to live in a fight or flight/freeze state.

You might notice that you are living with an undercurrent of anxiety that gets triggered very easily, even if you see other people stay calm in the same circumstance. This is because your nervous system and brain work slightly differently due to the trauma you’ve experienced.

You Have Some Energy Blocks

Energy blocks are inner blockages that we accumulate over the course of our lives. Ideally, a child would grow up in a healthy family environment and be protected from traumas, so they are more equipped to handle the twists and turns of life.

But if you were born into a family that has some dysfunctional patterns (as most families do) and have experienced some traumas of your own, you are left in a more vulnerable state! The hardships you’ve experienced in your life start to weigh you down and show up as inner blockages.

Those inner blocks can be unprocessed emotions, negative habits, self-limiting beliefs and much more. You can think of this as “clutter” that you have accumulated over the course of your life that is now making you feel stopped, blocked and anxious.

The Anxiety Cure - 3 Steps to Worrying Less and Living More

Step 1: Focus on Healing Your Family System

Ideally, you would have a healthy, happy family system that is the strong foundation for your life. A lot of your inner stability and strength will be restored when you feel that your family system is healing.

But most of us aren’t aware of the importance of healing our family systems - OR we don’t even know that this can be healed.

(Healing is totally possible, no matter how “broken” your family of origin. I have yet to meet a family system that was beyond repair.)

Within every family, there is a desire to come into balance. Negative patterns want to be dissolved. Traumas want to be brought to resolution. And our families members (even the most “screwed up” ones), want to heal and be happier!

As a Family Constellation Therapist, I help my clients heal their family systems, so they can break free from the pain of their past and live truly happy lives.

Step 2: Resolve Your Personal Trauma

For many of us, life feels like a full contact sport. By the time we enter young adulthood, a lot has already happened and we are struggling to move past the traumas we’ve experienced.

Not healing your inner wounds is like walking around carrying sandbags on your shoulders. It weighs you down. It exhausts you!

Of course you will feel tired. Of course you feel that you’re not strong enough to do this “life” thing on your own.

Healing the wounds of your past is the very best gift you can give yourself. The ripple of relief that ran through my body when I felt my body release the trauma that was pulling on my nervous system was a life- changing experience! Would you like to experience that too?

Step 3: Start a Daily Energy Healing Practice

Just like you take a shower every day to wash away the dirt you picked up throughout your day - it is VITAL that you take an inner shower regularly too.

Those energy blocks you picked up from going through life? They will continue to weigh you down and be a source of massive anxiety, if you don’t start to clear them out.

Learning how to release my inner blocks has changed my life - I have never felt this clear and free! It has allowed me to have SO MUCH more energy which I used to build a beautiful, healthy life for myself.

Final note

The biggest belief I see that keeps people from being free from worries is not knowing that it can be healed. The anxiety sits in your body - it is a pattern that is stored in your tissues and that’s where it needs to be healed.

I am going to be honest with you: Healing from anxiety for good requires you to roll up your sleeves and learn some new tools. Depending on your situation, it might take a few months to a few years for it to fully release. But when it’s gone, it’s gone.

And in my experience, being worry-free and finally ready to focus on enjoying my life is SO worth it!

For how long have you been struggling with anxiety? Let me know in the comments below :)