EP1: Tasha Blank On Living In Service Of Dance And Her Upcoming Album

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Hey there love birds! 

I am so excited to be bringing you the very first episode of the Mystics On A Mission Show! My guest on the show today is Tasha Blank, she is a DJ and I first discovered her while looking for music on soundcloud. Her mixes have become my work soundtrack and always get me into the mood for dance!

I am excited to have her on the show because she has an amazing way of being 100% authentic about what's going on for her in life and talks about her journey as a DJ and entrepreneur in a very real and relatable way. I learned so much from speaking with her and I know you are going to love her fun and super wise spirit! 

About Tasha

Founder of The Get Down, Tasha lives in service of dance, which is the quickest path to love in the here + now. She creates events that disrupt the status quo by injecting incredible beats with the intention to let wild our most liberated badassery. 

A mainstay at high energy NYC dance parties, bass-heavy yoga events, and the international festival circuit, her DJ sets meet you in the moment & invite you on a physio-sonic trip into a newer, bigger you. 

Her weekly emails deliver inspirational words and extraordinary beats to thousands of music-hungry dancing maniacs. 

Most important: She loves you. 

In this episode, Tasha shares:

1. How she became a DJ and her start as an event manager,

2. About learning patience and enlisting help, 

3. The healing power of dancing freely. 

Resources from the show: 

Her video We Came To Dance

5 Rhythms by Gabrielle Roth

The Get Down

The Art Of Asking by Amanda Palmer (book)

Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser (book)

Pussy by Regena Thomasauer (book)

Connect with Tasha on her website TashaBlank.com and sign up for her newsletter to get free music, her newsletters and be first to hear about her upcoming album! 

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