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EP13: Rochelle Schieck On The Wisdom Of Your Body

Hi lovelies!

I am over the moon to be bringing you this weeks episode because I am talking to Rochelle Schieck who is the founder of Qoya and a woman I have been admiring from afar for a long long time!

Talking with Rochelle was such a treat, she is incredibly wise and playful at the same time. I loved being able to ask her questions about how Qoya came to be, the lessons she learned about love and the advice she would give her younger self! 

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EP11: Taylor Harkness On Making Money As A Yoga Teacher

Hey wild ones!

My guest on this weeks show is Taylor Harkness, a yoga teacher known for his activism and bubbly spirit! I first found him on and he has become my go-to yoga teacher when I want to sweat and play. 

What I love about him is that he is not only very accessible and down-to-earth but he also has a very clear sense of purpose and continuously questions the status quo, in order to build a more inclusive and loving society. 

Talking with him was deeply inspiring to me and I am in awe of his wide open heart and determination to make a difference! 

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EP4: Erica Jago On Archetypal Healing, Creative Downloads and Her New Book

Hey there wild ones, 

I am over the moon and so excited to be bringing you the fourth episode of The Mystics On A Mission Show! My guest today is Erica Jago, we just recently met in person for the first time and when she told me that she is creating a new book, I knew I had to have her on the show. Ericas work is very close to my heart, I love her creative vinyasa flow classes that are always artistic and deeply healing for me.

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