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10 Unexpected Lessons I’ve Learned From Trauma

If you’ve known me for some time, you might know that I have had a very difficult life: As a child, I experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse and was suicidal by the age of 14. I started therapy around the same time and got diagnosed with PTSD, depression and an anxiety disorder.

For those of you who are or have been in therapy- you might notice that it doesn’t necessarily help you heal in the way you need it!

The same was true for me: After many years of treatment, my mental health hadn’t improved and so I spent my early adult years trying to figure out how to heal myself.

Today, I am sharing with you some surprising lessons I learned from healing from trauma, in the hopes that it’ll help you break free just like so many of my clients and I did:

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Are You Sitting in a Dark Cloud?

Do you sometimes feel like you are sitting in a dark cloud and can’t break free? You KNOW you are supposed to stop looking at the negative so much but you just can’t help it!

If this sounds like you- I totally understand.

Most of us know about the power of an optimistic mindset: It makes you more resilient, a better action taker and you also end up having a lot more fun as you are taking steps in the direction of your dreams!

But.. it’s not always that easy, right? You can’t force yourself into happy feelings, so what are you supposed to do?

Let’s talk about the steps you can take to rewire yourself with unrelenting positivity, so you can go through life with a spring in your step and have a MUCH EASIER time bringing your dreams to fruition!

(And no - I am not about to suggest you recite affirmations, there is an easier and more effective way to do this :) )

Are you ready?

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EP36: Overcoming Hard Times In Life [The Healing Series]

Hey there, 

We are back with another podcast episode and this time we are talking about how to heal from personal trauma! My intention with this episode is to have you thinking about the traumas you've experienced and how they affect you today. 

On the show, we cover traumas like sexual abuse, eating disorders, war trauma, emotional abuse and many others. Make yourself a cup of tea and curl up in a blanket, this might bring up some stuff for you, but it's going to be so good for you to acknowledge what happened!

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