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EP53: Ryan Yokome On Overcoming Adversity And Sharing Your Life's Work

Hi everyone,

This weeks podcast guest is Ryan Yokome, a Soul-Centered Transformation Coach and host of the Soul Wealth Podcast. Ryan is a fun, wise and very intuitive person and I am so excited to have him on the show this week.

He's been through a lot in his life ("failing" at several business, 60k in debt, drug addiction...) and in spite of it all, he managed to create a soulful and abundant life with his fiance Kris. On the show, we are talking about his amazing story, as well as his perspective on sharing our divine gifts in the world.

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EP52: Kari Samuels On Activating your intuitive gifts

Hi everyone,

Our podcast guest this week is Kari Samuels, she is a Happiness Coach and Intuitive Counselor. I love Karis joyful and unburdened energy - I had a great time interviewing her and I am so excited to share this episode with you.

On the show, Kari and I talk about our experiences with depression and how we live our lives as sensitive, psychic beings in a world that can seem so noisy. I hope our conversation serves you and helps you live a more intuitive life!

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EP49: Malaine Lea On Living A Wealthy, Sacred Life

Hi everyone,

This weeks episode is very close to my heart, my guest is my friend Malaine Lea! On the show, Malaine shares how a white light experience helped her awaken and how she left NYC to travel the world, following her intuition.

Malaine is such a bright light and she had so much wisdom to share around being yourself fully and creating a life that is in alignment with your highest good.

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EP44: Free Yourself From What's Limiting You

Do you ever feel like you want to do more with your life but feel stuck in making it happen? Do you struggle with mishaps, screw-ups and detours a lot?

If your answer is yes, I can so relate. For the longest time I had a belief that things don't work out for me and that I have to work twice as hard to create the happy future I envision for myself.

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EP42: 6 Things I Learned From Living With Anxiety & Depression

In my early 20s, after many years of being in therapy, I found myself on my own and completely exhausted.

My PTSD, anxiety and depression was at an all time high, all those years in therapy had been keeping me alive but I was far from actually living.

So what are the keys to healing from mental illness for good? This question has been guiding me for the past years, as I have been testing, researching, failing and succeeding in hoped of becoming truly, deeply happy in my life.

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EP30: Vix Maxwell on Tarot, Ghosts And Following Your Calling

Hi there love birds,

I am so so excited to bring you this weeks episode, we are having Vix Maxwell on the show who is a Tarot reader and spiritual mentor!

She is originally from Australia and currently based in the UK. What I love about Vix is that she's really an open book and she has a pretty interesting life story! On the show, we talk about what it's like to move across the world, what to do when you see a ghost and she shares about the many professions she's had and how she became a Tarot reader. 

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EP27: Becca Berggren On Mindful Marketing And Spiritual Business

Hi there, 

This weeks podcast guest is Becca Berggren! Talking with her feels like a breath of fresh air, she is a spiritual marketing and branding strategist with a lot of woo and even more compassion.

On the show, we talk about marketing as an introvert and how to infuse intention into everything she does as an entrepreneur. Becca is a also a recovering perfectionist and shares how she manages to get shit done and move away from "not good enough yet"! 

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