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EP37: Finding The Right Coach/Healer/Therapist For You [The Healing Series]

Hey lovelies! 

This week on the Mystics On A Mission Show, I am sharing with you how I pick my coaches and healers and what things I look for before I hire someone. I've spent (and wasted) a LOT of money on programs that didn't really get me anywhere.

Luckily, I am getting better at seeing beyond the smoke & mirrors and being able to identify who can actually help me! The biggest thing that helps me is to have a clear set of standards for everyone who wants to join my team and they are non-negotiable. 

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EP35: Mom & Dad Healing [The Healing Series]

Hey lovelies! 

Today, we're going one step deeper and restoring the energetic bond between you and your parents (especially mom). 

At the root of many money, career and relationship issues, as well as depression/anxiety are breaks in the bond between our parents and us and it's so important to heal this! The truth is, your parents are the biggest potential sources of life force energy for you and you need to have a healthy bond with them if you want to live a truly happy and abundant life. 

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EP33: Healing Through Feeling [The Healing Series]

Hey there! 

This episode of the Mystics On A Mission Show is very close to my heart. Emotions are widely misunderstood and I am excited to share with you my favorite meditation to get my emotional body into a flowing state and how amazing it is to have your emotions support you exactly the way you need it! 

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EP32: Welcome Home [The Healing Series]

Hey everyone! 

I am so excited to be bringing you the first episode of season 2! We are kicking this off with a podcast series on healing. 

I received so many questions, requests and feedback from you guys and producing this podcast series is very close to my heart. 

We are going to cover a lot of ground in this series and I am starting off with an episode that explains the basics of emotional, mental, energetic, transgenerational and physical healing. 

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EP7: Betsy LeFae On Psychic Readings And Developing Your Intuition

Hi  lovelies,  

I am very excited to be bringing you this weeks episode of the Mystics On A Mission Show: my guest is Betsy LeFae, a psychic, medium and intuition coach!

What I love about her is that she gives practical and down-to-earth tips on how to navigate life as a sensitive soul, how to protect our energy and serve people without getting depleted.

I had a lot of fun talking to her and we covered an incredible array of topics. If you are a highly sensitive entrepreneur, want to develop your spiritual gifts or just want to listen to a really fun (and very woo) episode, you are going to love listening! 

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EP3: Hillary Weiss On Creative Confidence And Doing Business Your Way

Hey lovelies!

I am so excited to be bringing you another episode of The Mystics On A Mission Show and to connect you with a very special woman in my life! I met Hillary over a year ago online and we have been in touch ever since. She is an incredible copywriter, one of the funniest people I know and a genius at being 100% her, no matter what! I know you are going to love her insights around running  your business is an authentic and generous way. 

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