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{Success Story} How Allison Got Rid of Her Money Blocks and Built a Business that’s Based on Integrity + Love

Do you wish you made more money? Do you run a business and feel like it’s an uphill struggle? Do you feel weighed down by old unresolved issues?

If you answered YES, to one or more of these questions, then I am so excited to intruduce you to one of my favorite people, because she knows exactly how you feel.

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EP49: Malaine Lea On Living A Wealthy, Sacred Life

Hi everyone,

This weeks episode is very close to my heart, my guest is my friend Malaine Lea! On the show, Malaine shares how a white light experience helped her awaken and how she left NYC to travel the world, following her intuition.

Malaine is such a bright light and she had so much wisdom to share around being yourself fully and creating a life that is in alignment with your highest good.

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EP11: Taylor Harkness On Making Money As A Yoga Teacher

Hey wild ones!

My guest on this weeks show is Taylor Harkness, a yoga teacher known for his activism and bubbly spirit! I first found him on and he has become my go-to yoga teacher when I want to sweat and play. 

What I love about him is that he is not only very accessible and down-to-earth but he also has a very clear sense of purpose and continuously questions the status quo, in order to build a more inclusive and loving society. 

Talking with him was deeply inspiring to me and I am in awe of his wide open heart and determination to make a difference! 

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