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EP38: Grow Your Business With Soul [The Healing Series]

Hey there, 

This weeks episode is for the boss babes! Every now and then I get questions about how I run my business intuitively and so this podcast episode is going to all about the woo business techniques in use my day to day!

While I am not a business coach or have a lot of traditional business expertise, I have over the years developed some really amazing meditations and energy tools that can help you get strategic support and healing very fast.

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How to feel your feelings for optimal healing!

You might have heard the saying "You need to feel it to heal it" before and wondered how to do that. 

Something I teach all of my clients is how to effectively process their emotions, it's SO important but hardly anyone knows how to do it! 

We oftentimes hear that we shouldn't stuff our feelings down, that we should let the emotions come up, but at the same time we also have a life to live and don't want to be in a state of heavy energy for too long! 

I found that especially people who have had a rough past are afraid that once they open up the doors to their emotions, they won't be able to shake the despair. This used to be my biggest fear and I would rather feel numb than open up the dusty closets to my past emotions! 

In order to support you with this, I want to teach you a very simple and effective way to feel your feelings! 

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EP22: Shaney Marie On Erotic Innocence And Sex As Medicine

Hi wild ones,

I am excited to introduce you to Shaney Marie who is a tantra teacher and sex witch! We have a common friend and as soon as I heard about Shaney, I was curious about her work and couldn't wait to invite her to come on the show as a guest. 

The conversation we had covers a lot of ground: the similarities between ancient temples and stripclubs, circumcision, the sexuality of children and much more. Sex is so often being sweeped under the rug and I am excited to bring you an open (and potentially controversial) episode about it!

On the show we also talk about how nobody comes to the world knowing how to have great sex, so no matter how you feel about the topics we discuss, I hope listening to the episode will help you enjoy your sexuality just a little more! 

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EP14: Madeline Giles On Angels, Fairies And Atlantis

Hi everyone! 

My guest on the show this week is Madeline Giles, a very sweet soul who is my breath work teacher and the founder of Angelic Breath Healing. After talking to Erin Telford about breath work during an earlier episode, I was inspired to try it and do some research on it. 

I quickly found Madeline on Instagram, joined her virtual community and I have been breathing with Angels ever since. The experience is difficult to describe, so if you are curious and excited to learn about something new, listen to the episode! 

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EP13: Rochelle Schieck On The Wisdom Of Your Body

Hi lovelies!

I am over the moon to be bringing you this weeks episode because I am talking to Rochelle Schieck who is the founder of Qoya and a woman I have been admiring from afar for a long long time!

Talking with Rochelle was such a treat, she is incredibly wise and playful at the same time. I loved being able to ask her questions about how Qoya came to be, the lessons she learned about love and the advice she would give her younger self! 

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EP7: Betsy LeFae On Psychic Readings And Developing Your Intuition

Hi  lovelies,  

I am very excited to be bringing you this weeks episode of the Mystics On A Mission Show: my guest is Betsy LeFae, a psychic, medium and intuition coach!

What I love about her is that she gives practical and down-to-earth tips on how to navigate life as a sensitive soul, how to protect our energy and serve people without getting depleted.

I had a lot of fun talking to her and we covered an incredible array of topics. If you are a highly sensitive entrepreneur, want to develop your spiritual gifts or just want to listen to a really fun (and very woo) episode, you are going to love listening! 

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