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EP44: Free Yourself From What's Limiting You

Do you ever feel like you want to do more with your life but feel stuck in making it happen? Do you struggle with mishaps, screw-ups and detours a lot?

If your answer is yes, I can so relate. For the longest time I had a belief that things don't work out for me and that I have to work twice as hard to create the happy future I envision for myself.

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EP42: 6 Things I Learned From Living With Anxiety & Depression

In my early 20s, after many years of being in therapy, I found myself on my own and completely exhausted.

My PTSD, anxiety and depression was at an all time high, all those years in therapy had been keeping me alive but I was far from actually living.

So what are the keys to healing from mental illness for good? This question has been guiding me for the past years, as I have been testing, researching, failing and succeeding in hoped of becoming truly, deeply happy in my life.

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EP15: Living In Love

Hi wild ones! 

This week I am doing a solo episode and it's all about experiencing deep love in all the possible ways! Most of my clients come to because they want help building a business, find their life's work, heal emotionally etc. but what comes up a lot too is the area of relationships.

So I am really excited to share some deep wisdom on love and it's going to benefit you regardless of your relationship status or desires for the future. Love is love is love, so let's help you experience more of it! 

During this episode I cover topics like Family Constellation Therapy, the three stages of love, practical ways to live a love-filled life and what different psychological schools have to say about relationships.

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