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EP47: Anna Rova on Feminine Success And Being A Digital Nomad

Hi everyone,

I am so excited to bring you this weeks episode with the amazing Anna Rova. She is the host of the Girlskill podcast, a digital nomad and a real-life cinderella (including the stepmom!).

She talks about her journey from living in the small Eastern European country Moldova and how she created a life that allows her to travel, work online and follow her passions!

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EP45: Anoushka Florence On Balancing The Feminine & Masculine Within

Today's guest on the podcast is Anoushka Florence, she's connecting women with the Goddess within them and I am so excited to introduce you to her! I first found her on Instagram through mutual friends and I loved the beauty of her Instagram feed.

I am really passionate about bringing people on the show who work with the Divine Feminine in many different ways and the way Anoushka expresses her love to the Goddess is so beautiful.

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How I went from being a suicidal anorexic to a happy, healthy entrepreneur! [New Interview!}

A couple of months ago, my friend Maddy had me on her podcast (check it out here) and we talked about my life story. This interview became one of the most vulnerable and heartfelt conversations I have had until this day! I received countless emails from listeners in the months after, telling me about their life stories and that hearing mine made them feel like they can heal from anything! 

It was such a great experience for all of us that Maddy asked me to be on her show for a second round! 
On the show, we talk about becoming a whole and healthy human being through energy healing with Goddess archetypes and I am so excited to share it with you! 

Listen to Maddys new podcast episode with me here.

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EP21: Daniela Plattner On Feminine Leadership, Archetypes and Collaboration

Hi everyone!

This weeks guest on the podcast is Daniela Plattner, she is a leadership coach and 5 rhythms facilitator. I wanted to have her on the show because she is a master at helping people integrate their feminine and masculine qualities!

If you are confused about what feminine and masculine really means or want to learn more about how to recover suppressed parts of yourself to become a more integrated human being, you'll love the episode! 

It's feminine, messy and we cover many fun topics, like how to tap into the wisdom of the different archetypes within you! 

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