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EP49: Malaine Lea On Living A Wealthy, Sacred Life

Hi everyone,

This weeks episode is very close to my heart, my guest is my friend Malaine Lea! On the show, Malaine shares how a white light experience helped her awaken and how she left NYC to travel the world, following her intuition.

Malaine is such a bright light and she had so much wisdom to share around being yourself fully and creating a life that is in alignment with your highest good.

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EP47: Anna Rova on Feminine Success And Being A Digital Nomad

Hi everyone,

I am so excited to bring you this weeks episode with the amazing Anna Rova. She is the host of the Girlskill podcast, a digital nomad and a real-life cinderella (including the stepmom!).

She talks about her journey from living in the small Eastern European country Moldova and how she created a life that allows her to travel, work online and follow her passions!

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EP29: Libby Crow On Business, Boys And The Power Of Community

Hi there, 

I am very excited about this weeks podcast guest! Her name is Libby Crow and she teaches marketing and business development in a very light and feminine way. 

On the show, we talk about Libby transitioning from being a school teacher, to a fitness and nutrition coach, life coach and now marketing and business coach! Since starting her business, she has changed her business direction quite a few times and I loved talking to her about what it feels like to question if you are on the right path and to make a change. 

As entrepreneurs, Libby and I agree that it's not an easy journey and we share how we manage the ups and downs of running a business and why having community is the most helpful business tool! 

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EP28: Steph Jagger On Skiing Around the World And Following Joy

Hi everyone,

I am currently reading an incredible book called Unbound, which is a memoir about a badass woman skiing around the world and experiencing her own heroines journey! 

Since starting the book, I knew I wanted to have her on the show and I am so excited to introduce you to Steph Jagger. On the show, we talk about her skiing trip, why a masculine and feminine balance totally depends on you and how to live a gutsy life! 

You are going to love this episode, Steph is very funny and her life story is truly spectacular!

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EP27: Becca Berggren On Mindful Marketing And Spiritual Business

Hi there, 

This weeks podcast guest is Becca Berggren! Talking with her feels like a breath of fresh air, she is a spiritual marketing and branding strategist with a lot of woo and even more compassion.

On the show, we talk about marketing as an introvert and how to infuse intention into everything she does as an entrepreneur. Becca is a also a recovering perfectionist and shares how she manages to get shit done and move away from "not good enough yet"! 

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How I went from being a suicidal anorexic to a happy, healthy entrepreneur! [New Interview!}

A couple of months ago, my friend Maddy had me on her podcast (check it out here) and we talked about my life story. This interview became one of the most vulnerable and heartfelt conversations I have had until this day! I received countless emails from listeners in the months after, telling me about their life stories and that hearing mine made them feel like they can heal from anything! 

It was such a great experience for all of us that Maddy asked me to be on her show for a second round! 
On the show, we talk about becoming a whole and healthy human being through energy healing with Goddess archetypes and I am so excited to share it with you! 

Listen to Maddys new podcast episode with me here.

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EP16: Bryan Teare On Exploration, Minimalism And Finding Your Passion

Hi everyone,

My guest on the podcast this week is Bryan Teare, podcast host of "The Quarter Life Comeback", minimalist and coach! He interviewed me for his podcast a while back and I immediately knew I wanted him on the show as well.

He is a very insightful, down-to-earth and generous guy, I loved asking him about his life journey and the lessons he learned when he chose to live a life aligned with his passions! 

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EP12: Maddy Moon On Body Image And The Illusion Of Security

Hi wild ones!,  

This weeks guest is my close friend Maddy Moon and I am so excited to have her on the show! We met quite a while ago when she interviewed me for her podcast Mind Body Musings and we have been friends ever since. 

Maddy is a coach, author and former fitness model and conversations with her are always a little rant-y because Maddy and I can get pretty passionate about our work! 

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EP11: Taylor Harkness On Making Money As A Yoga Teacher

Hey wild ones!

My guest on this weeks show is Taylor Harkness, a yoga teacher known for his activism and bubbly spirit! I first found him on and he has become my go-to yoga teacher when I want to sweat and play. 

What I love about him is that he is not only very accessible and down-to-earth but he also has a very clear sense of purpose and continuously questions the status quo, in order to build a more inclusive and loving society. 

Talking with him was deeply inspiring to me and I am in awe of his wide open heart and determination to make a difference! 

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