EP22: Shaney Marie On Erotic Innocence And Sex As Medicine

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Hi wild ones,

I am excited to introduce you to Shaney Marie who is a tantra teacher and sex witch! We have a common friend and as soon as I heard about Shaney, I was curious about her work and couldn't wait to invite her to come on the show as a guest. 

The conversation we had covers a lot of ground: the similarities between ancient temples and stripclubs, circumcision, the sexuality of children and much more. Sex is so often being sweeped under the rug and I am excited to bring you an open (and potentially controversial) episode about it!

On the show we also talk about how nobody comes to the world knowing how to have great sex, so no matter how you feel about the topics we discuss, I hope listening to the episode will help you enjoy your sexuality just a little more! 

About Shaney:

A ritual addict, an alter devotee and obsessed with the potency of sexuality; Shaney discovered the power of magic through her ability to lead people into hypnotic and trance like states. 

Shaney is a sacred sexuality mentor, group facilitator and visionary in the realm of empowered living. She combines tantra sexuality, embodiment, witchcraft and ritual magic to open people to their deepest sensitivity and personal power.

A double leo, animal worshiper and lover of mid night adventures, Shaney is a leader in bringing sacred sex magic to everyday people.

In this episode, Shaney shares:

1. How working as a stripper helped her reclaim her sexual power, 

2. How to connect with the consciousness of your pussy, and 

3. The health benefits of sex!

Resources from the show: 

-Buddhist Goddesses Of India by Miranda Shaw (book)

Connect with Shaney on her website www.shaneymarie.com and find her on social media @shaneymarie_sexwitch. 

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