How to speed up your growth (and make huge progress in your life)


Let me ask you this: 

Do you do something like journaling, meditating and self-reflection but feel like your progress is slow?

Do you believe that healing is a life-long journey?

Are you asking the Universe to show you what the right path for you looks like but you have trouble really seeing what you should do? 

If this sounds like you, I invite you to imagine this:

You are feeling completely happy and at peace in your life. You are upgrading your reality to new levels of romantic love, financial wealth and vibrant health with ease. The purpose of your life is to have a lot of fun and a lot of love. You feel in control of what's coming into your life. You feel safe, knowing that you are actively creating your future!

I used to practice Ashtanga yoga for 2.5-3 hours every day, I meditated for at least an hour, I ate a healthy vegan diet and read every self-help book I could get my hands on. I had journals full of quotes I wanted to live by. I worked so hard to be happy! I wanted nothing more than to live an abundant, peaceful life. 

But no matter how hard I tried, my life wasn't working. The anxiety never really went away and paralyzed me for weeks. I knew I was a smart, creative woman but somehow making more money was really difficult for me. I was afraid of seeing my family in Germany for Christmas because it triggered my PTSD. I was frustrated because I really worked my ass off. I felt like my progress was slower than it had to be. I believed that there had to be an easier way, a better way! 

So what if you are doing affirmations, journaling, hypnotherapy and all those awesome healing tools but no matter how committed you are, your progress is rather slow. You might think: "Do those things even work?" When I talk about results, I mean tangible things like a decrease in days felt anxious or a significant increase in money or finding the right mate for you.

At the end of the day, your life is precious. What if you could spend less time healing and more time LIVING? 

If you've been craving something and what you have been doing hasn't moved you towards that, it might be smart to make a change. And it's not that hypnotherapy and other healing modalities "don't work" or "don't work on you". As long as you have a brain, it will work. 

So the question becomes: How well is the self-development you are doing working? What can you do to speed it up and supercharge your growth?

Let's pretend you are using hypnotherapy to make more money. But there is a family pattern of making and then losing a lot of money, living in a perpetual state of financial panic. In addition to this, you saw your parents fight over money and a boyfriend screwed you over once which made you vow to never give anyone access to your finances again. 

The emotional imprints  from your past and family patterns have a strong influence on whether or not life goes your way! 

So if you are trying to override this trauma, that's possibly still stuck in the tissues of your body, with positive statements designed to reprogram your subsconscious mind - it won't work! Your family dynamics and the painful experiences you've had, are deeply embedded in your nervous system and energy body. These things change the very biochemistry of your body! 

So unless we clear the energy you've absorbed back then and heal the family patterns that are creating this problem in your life, hypnotherapy and similar healing modalities won't work effectively on you since it's more surface level healing. 

I found that these are the most effective steps we can take to really change our lives: 

  1. Heal all family trauma that's being passed down in your lineage. Your family system strongly influences you, they are the ones who gave you the greatest gift anyone could give you - the gift of life. And in a way you are forever indebted to them for it. So without being consciously aware of it, you are bonding with your family by recreating the same issues they had.
  2. Do a deep cleanse of your energy body. Clear anything you are feeling, believing, choosing and being that is not in alignment with how you really want to live. What if life itself loved you  so much that it wants you to have whatever makes you happy? In order for you to be free to have your life the way you want it, we need to clear all the unconscious pains and and patterns that are causing life to not go your way. 
  3. Choose what you want and then sharpen your intuitive faculties so that you can which steps will get you there - in the fastest, happiest way! You don't always have to be working on yourself and striving for things. Maybe you just want to be happy and spend more time in nature. Maybe what really makes your heart sing is having a loving partner who brings out the very best in you. Without your family issues and energetic blocks, it's much easier to see what you truly want and from there, you can take steps to create that (and keep it) in your life. 

All in all, I am writing this to you (and in a way to a younger version of myself) because I believe that we don't have to heal for years in order to be fulfilled. We live on a planet that is ever-healing and infinitely resourceful. The planet always returns to its natural state of balance. 

As humans, we are part of nature and also have the same healing powers! Every 11 months, our bodies completely regenerate, which means that the brain chemistry that is creating the anxieties and worries you are experiencing right now, could be replaced by happy, constructive thoughts. This is totally possible, even if you might just now hear about healing from my perspective! 

So what would it take for you to heal quickly and effectively, so that you can go and live a happy, abundant life?

What would it take for all pain, fear, worry, procrastination, anger and sadness to leave your body, so that you can be the most joyful and loving version you?

What would it take for you to be an excellent receiver of guidance, seeing the right steps ahead of you and being excited to take them?

I hold a vision of you where you are so blissed-out and suprised by how fun life can really be. What would it take for this vision to come true?