EP6: Michelle Goldblum and Alison Leipzig On Following Your Intuition

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Hey there!

I am over the moon to be introducing you to this weeks guests on the show: Michelle Goldblum and Alison Leipzig!

We have a mutual friend, Family Constellation Coach Natalie Berthold and funny enough, the two had the idea to create Soul Camp while attending a retreat with Natalie in Cape Cod. Filming the episode with the girls was a lot of fun, I loved hearing about how Soul Camp came to be and how they use their mystical gifts to make the right choices, rise back up after setbacks and have lots of fun in their businesses!

About Michelle & Ali

Soul Camp co-founders Michelle Goldblum and Alison Leipzig united to bring all of the things they loved together to create a completely transformative experience for both themselves and their communities.

Going to sleepaway camp together as children, and now, both entrepreneurs in the health & wellness space, they saw that there lacked large-scale community experiences that were not only deep and healing, but fun and playful as well.

They believe in the power of joy to change the world. And it happens, one camper at a time. 

In this episode, the girls share:

1. How they got the idea for Soul Camp, 

2. About fiercely following your intuition and

3. How our desires really are messages from the Divine!

Resources from the show: 

Natalie Berthold- Family Constellation Coach
Soul Camp- Enrollment is now open!
Soul Camp Creative - Email the girls, letting them know you are listeners of the show and get the 2 hour branding intensive at only $1500 (original price $1900)!

Connect with Michelle and Ali on their website https://soul.camp and connect with them on Instagram!

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