EP12: Maddy Moon On Body Image And The Illusion Of Security

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Hi wild ones!,  

This weeks guest is my close friend Maddy Moon and I am so excited to have her on the show! We met quite a while ago when she interviewed me for her podcast Mind Body Musings and we have been friends ever since. 

Maddy is a coach, author and former fitness model and conversations with her are always a little rant-y because Maddy and I can get pretty passionate about our work! 

About Maddy

Surrender to your own greatness, laugh in the face of rejection and live louder with motivational speaker and life coach Maddy Moon! 

After hiding behind fear, perfection, and a risk-aversion for many years, Maddy knows what it’s like to play small, downplay your own existence and only hope that one day it will all be worth it.

Once, not too long ago, Maddy Moon was a fitness competitor weighed down by her pride, obsession, and masculine drive. She strived to ignore her feminine energy, fearful of it making her look weak. Eventually, she discovered that her obsession with bodybuilding and creating the perfect physique was taking her further away from her desire to serve the world…not closer.

Today, Maddy’s mission is to help you realize the heart-pounding fact that you’ve only been gifted one life and every day you’re faced with the choice to either make the most of it {unapologetically} or fight against who you’re really meant to be.

Her work and story has been featured in The Huffington Post, Greatist, Men’s Health, People, Teen Vogue, The Daily Mail, Vice, and ABC News Nightline. Maddy is the host of a top-ranked podcast, Mind Body Musings, and can be found passionately exclaiming her love for taking life by its golden, glittery reigns on her online space, MaddyMoon.com.

In this episode, Maddy shares: 

1. About the underlying wound that caused her to obsess over fitness and food, 

2. How travel taught her to let go of control, 

3. And why it's time to stop obsessing over numbers and live a more joyful life! 

Resources from the show: 

- My episode on Maddys podcast Mind Body Musings

- The perfect tea maker by Teavana

Connect with Maddy on her website maddymoon.com and learn more about coaching & upcoming retreats with her.