EP15: Living In Love

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Hi wild ones! 

This week I am doing a solo episode and it's all about experiencing deep love in all the possible ways! Most of my clients come to because they want help building a business, find their life's work, heal emotionally etc. but what comes up a lot too is the area of relationships.

So I am really excited to share some deep wisdom on love and it's going to benefit you regardless of your relationship status or desires for the future. Love is love is love, so let's help you experience more of it! 

During this episode I cover topics like Family Constellation Therapy, the three stages of love, practical ways to live a love-filled life and what different psychological schools have to say about relationships.

What I talk about not only relates to love, but also to any other type of flow in your life: creativity, money, health... So even if your love life is great, I recommend you listen to the episode because it covers crucial information about living a full and deep life! 

In this episode, I share:

1. How to be flooded with love NOW and live a beautifully abundant life, 

2. The most effective way to heal your wounds and easily overcome relationship patterns and

2. How to fall in love by dating less and living more! 

Resources from the show: 

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. - Lao Tzu

Exercise: List all positive traits of your parents and then also list all negative traits. Compare your findings to the people you have been attracting and falling in love with!

"I love everyone and everyone loves me." (mantra)

"I am NOW flooded with the love that was planned for me in the beginning." (mantra)

Comment below and tell me about your takeaways, I'd love to hear from you!