EP29: Libby Crow On Business, Boys And The Power Of Community


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Hi there, 

I am very excited about this weeks podcast guest! Her name is Libby Crow and she teaches marketing and business development in a very light and feminine way. 

On the show, we talk about Libby transitioning from being a school teacher, to a fitness and nutrition coach, life coach and now marketing and business coach! Since starting her business, she has changed her business direction quite a few times and I loved talking to her about what it feels like to question if you are on the right path and to make a change. 

As entrepreneurs, Libby and I agree that it's not an easy journey and we share how we manage the ups and downs of running a business and why being part of a loving community is the most helpful business tool! 

About Libby:

Libby is a human sparkler! She bridges the gap between internet marketing and soulful service for business owners by teaching entrepreneurs how develop their brands online (infusing both practicality and fun)!

Her highest excitements aside from of being a boss lady are solo travel and random acts of generosity. Currently she resides on the Westside in Santa Monica, California.

In this episode, Libby shares:

1. How she found her business niche and transitioned into business coaching, 

2. The challenge of juggling business and boys, and 

3. About the importance of being in a strong community!

Resources from the show: 

- The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton (book)

Connect with Libby at www.libbycrow.com or get access to her free biz resource library for entrepreneurs and head over to The Nest: www.libbycrow.com/thenest. You can find Libby on Instagram at @libbycrow!

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