EP8: Ginny Muir On Healing The Witch Wound and Reclaiming Our Sexuality

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Hey beautiful souls!

The episode I am bringing you today is a very vulnerable one. The day before shooting the video, I was on an Ayahuasca journey and even during shooting it, I was still going in and out of my body. Ginny was the perfect guest to experience this with, we have common friends and are in the same network of Priestesses.

Having her on the show is special to me because she explains so beautifully the reality of living as a modern day priestess, where the lineage of priestesses comes from and the beauty of living in service to the Divine. Part of living as a fully actualized embodiment of the Goddess is showing up in any state we are in and embracing all parts of the journey, even the messy post-ayahuasca integration time. I know you are going to love the episode, we are touching on some pretty juicy topics! 

About Ginny

Ginny is a writer, women's leader and guide deeply devoted to consciousness, Love and Truth. The read thread of awakening in her own life has a distinctly, Divinely Feminine flavor.

Following its path has taken her from insecure, eating-disordered, people-pleasing workaholic to world-traveling, pleasure-seeking, open-hearted mystic. She uses the tools gathered along the way- those that helped her heal her body, reclaim her sensuality, embrace sisterhood, experience belonging and remember how to hear the voice of her soul- to empower women. 

She believes that as we heal ourselves, we heal the world. 

Ginny writes, leads group programs, hosts international retreats and works one-on-one to create harmony where there is conflict and transmute stuckness into freedom. She listens deeply and loves fully. Through practices both concrete and mysterious, she helps women remove the blocks that keep them from their truest, most soul-fueled expression in this life. 

With her unique blend of humility and wisdom, she facilitates transformation: bowing to the Divine within, willingly traversing the darkness and turning lovingly toward the Light. 

In this episode, Ginny shares: 

1. How an eating disorder initiated her healing journey, 

2. About the importance of reclaiming the word "witch" and 

3. Why embracing our sexuality is vital to experiencing life to our fullest potential. 

Resources from the show: 

The Dance Of The Dissident Daughter - Sue Monk Kidd

Elayne Kalila Doughty (resource for the archetypal quiz) 

Connect with Ginny on her website ginnymuir.com or follow her on Instagram @ginnymuir. 

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