EP66: The Stickiest Block in the Way of Your Abundance


In my work with hundreds of women across the world, I’ve noticed that there’s one very sticky block that most holds them back from creating the wealth they want.

It’s that ONE pattern that if we clear it, instantly opens up the doors to more money in their lives!

Want to know what it is? Watch today’s video to find out:

Most people I meet are stuck in a place where their lives are never enough. Money is not enough, their career is not enough, their relationship isn’t enough, their parents aren’t enough and there seems to be this overarching theme of being discontent.

The truth is, if you keep telling the story of “not enough”, nothing in your life ever will be. So the real block to clear is the pattern of not-enoughness that’s going on in your reality. If you don’t clear this, you will live in this lack vibration and no matter how hard you work, you will very likely struggle to really move into a state of abundance!

The truth is- you ARE enough and there already is an overflow of good fortune in your life. When you allow yourself to see that, you will open up to even more of it and making money becomes easy.

I hope today’s video was helpful! I am sending big hugs and wishing you a wonderful week.


Hanna xx

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