EP63: Do You Have One Foot on the Gas and One Foot on the Brakes in Life?


A question I get from my clients a lot is: “How can I break through my resistance and stop feeling like I am walking through quicksand?”

Do you sometimes wish your progress were easier too? Would you like to be able to move forward without these invisible forces holding you back?

Today’s video explains how you can go full throttle in life (finally take that foot off the brakes):

Just like we need to take an outer shower every single day, it’s also very important to clear up your energy field every day!

If you don’t do this, you will feel clogged up and bogged down, which is slowing down your progress and making everything so much harder.

The more you release old emotions, thoughts, beliefs and habits, the lighter and brighter you will feel and you will naturally feel amazing + have lots of energy to bring your goals to fruition.

I hope today’s video was helpful :)


Hanna xx

PS: Are you ready to feel lighter, brighter and more confident in your own skin?

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