EP60: What to Do When Your Life Is out of Control


Do you feel like your life is out of control? Are there always fires to put out, nothing ever goes the way it should and it has left you in a deep state of anxiety?

If so- you are not alone.

So many women feel this way and today, I am sharing with you how to get back into the driver seat in your life:

Taking responsibility for your life so important, if you want to get out of anxiety and into a life that works!

So ask yourself: “What areas of my life aren’t going well right now? And how can I take more responsibility for that part of my life?”

The more responsible you are, the safer you will feel because you will be so much more in charge of what’s going on in your life. And that’s what I wish for you!

You deserve to have a beautiful, safe and abundant life. Never forget that.


Hanna xx

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You deserve a gorgeous life you love. I would love to create this together!