EP57: How To Get The Universe To Support You

Do you sometimes feel like your life is an uphill battle? Do you feel exhausted and tired from trying to achieve everything you want all by yourself?

If so, it might be time for you to allow the Universe to support you more!

Watch today’s video and I will teach you how you can recruit the Universe to help you reach all those exciting goals you are working towards:

When we grow up in an environment where our parents’ love was scarce or inconsistent, we oftentimes feel that the Universe’s love is something we can’t always count on either.

This is why many people want to learn how to manifest, but what they want doesn’t always show up. Or why many rich people still feel anxiety about money. They are afraid their abundance will be taken away, just like their parents’ love and care came to a sudden halt when they were little.

In order to allow the Universe to love you, support you, safeguard you and bring you everything you desire, you need to examine and heal your relationship to your parents first. Understand that your parents are not the Universe and that the Universes love for you is infallible.

This sense of deep faith will not only speed up your manifestations, it will also allow you to feel a deeper sense of safety than ever before.

And life is so much easier that way :)


Hanna xx

PS: You deserve to receive lots of support on your way to creating the life of your dreams! Doing it all alone can be very hard (and unnecessarily slow down your progress).

So imagine what it would be like if the Universe brought you all the ideas, opportunities, people and resources you need to create your future? Imagine what it would be like to move forward without the struggle and exhaustion from trying to do it all yourself?

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