EP54: What To Do When You Can't Stop Procrastinating

Too many women are struggling with procrastination (maybe you too?) and aren’t sure if they are destined to be a success.

I explain why this is in this video and most of all - what you can do to get into a flow of joyful action without having all this resistance holding you back!

If you’re exhausted and wishing for an easier way, this video is for you:

Out of love and loyalty to our family and this deep desire to belong, we tend to unconsciously hold ourselves back so we don’t surpass our loved ones.

The biggest need we have as a human beings is to be a part of our family, so if you can restructure your family to become the wind in your sails, as opposed to an invisible glass ceiling - you will be free to achieve any goal you set your mind to!

Use the prayer I teach in the video above to bond with your family system in a healthier way, so you can boldly create the life you desire.



P.S. If you need help with this specific issue, meaning you have big dreams for your life, but can’t get yourself to take the actions needed to get there (or you don’t even have a plan)..

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I can help.

The life you imagine is right on the other side of figuring this out. I promise.. if other ambitious (but totally normal) women can do it, you can too.

Just reach out. I am here for you.