EP51: Julie Wolk On Aligning Your Business With The Cycles Of Nature


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Hi everyone,

I am so excited to connect you with this weeks guest on the Mystics On A Mission Show! Her name is Julie Wolk and she's a nature freak + business coach.

Julie has been inspiring me to align my business with the cycles of nature more and more the past couple of months and I am grateful she said yes to being a guest on the show. If you are interested in building a nature-based and thriving business, you will love this episode!

About Julie:

Julie Wolk helps hard-working coaches, consultants, and healers, grow rooted, blossoming, burnout-free businesses modeled after the way nature works. 

She's a firm believer that if we step off the hamster wheel, and tune into nature’s rhythms, we can grow more sustainable lives, businesses and even—gasp!—a better world.

A lifelong nature freak, she has over 15 years of experience turning vision into reality (including co-founding and formerly co-directing Wilderness Torah), and would love to help you create a simpler, more enjoyable, nature-led life and business. 

She offers private business coaching online and in nature, the annual Replenish Winter Reflection & Strategy Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs, the Roots of Business home study course, and the Redwood Circle Women’s Business Community.

In this episode, Julie shares:

1. How she went from working at a non-profit to becoming a nature-based business coach,

2. About the importance of "rooting" your business and aligning it with the cycles of nature, and

3. The first steps you can take to build a natural, blossoming and burn-out-free business.

Resources from the show: 

- Marketing For Hippies by Tad Hargrave

- Chinese Frequency Readings by Ellen Ercolini

- The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist (book)

- The 5 Essential Roots Of Your Business Checklist

Connect with Julie on her website juliewolkcoaching.com and follow her on Facebook @juliewolkcoaching.