EP49: Malaine Lea On Living A Wealthy, Sacred Life


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Hi everyone,

This weeks episode is very close to my heart, my guest is my friend Malaine Lea! On the show, Malaine shares how a white light experience helped her awaken and how she left NYC to travel the world, following her intuition.

Malaine is such a bright light and she had so much wisdom to share around being yourself fully and creating a life that is in alignment with your highest good.

About Malaine:

Malaine Lea is a Lifestyle Architect and Wealth/Luxury Mindset Coach. As a woman of faith and divinity, she has supported hundreds of women to find their power, worth and abundance. 

Her mission is for every woman to be able to stand abundantly in their divine goddess power while claiming every desire they want. She is on a mission to make sure no woman ever says no to herself or to life because of money.

Through her own experience, strength and hope along with her studies in transformation workshops, energy work, spiritual work and professional experience, she has cultivated earth shattering, life changing formulas to help women truly MASTER THEIR LIVES.

Malaine has been featured in Inspired Coach Magazine, Goddess on the Go Events, YFS magazine, Sustainable Success Lounge, Elephant Journal and the Addicted to Success Podcast with Joel Brown. 

In this episode, Malaine shares:

1. How she found God through a white light experience, 

2. About the magic of leaning into fun, joy and bliss in your life, and

3. How she's created a wealthy and sacred life for herself!

Resources from the show: 

- Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz (book)

- Mary Magdalene (movie)

- Ice Cream For Breakfast by Laura Jane Williams (book)

- Soulspace by Xorin Balbes (book)

- Feng Shui Your life by Jamie Barrett (book)

- Get your free seat on a Thrive Experience workshop with Malaine (use the code GIFTTHRIVE to get it for free!)

Connect with Malaine on her website malainelea.com and follow her on Instagram @malainelea.