EP38: Grow Your Business With Soul [The Healing Series]

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Hey there, 

This weeks episode is for the boss babes! Every now and then I get questions about how I run my business intuitively and so this podcast episode is going to all about the woo business techniques I use my day to day.

While I am not a business coach or have a lot of traditional business expertise, I have over the years developed some really amazing meditations and energy tools that can help you get strategic support and healing very fast.

I love using energy tools in my business because it allows me to make changes to how it is functioning in only a few moments. I have gotten amazing insights into how I can help my business flourish that no book or course could ever provide for me. 

And the best part, this works even if you feel like you're not intuitive enough to figure out your next steps on your own and it's especially awesome for people who are bored by traditional ways of doing business and marketing! 

In this episode, I share:

1.  The benefits of running your business intuitively, 

2. How to connect with the soul of your business to get direct answers from it, and 

3. One of my favorite business healing meditations!

Resources from the show: 

- Tad Hargrave from Marketing For Hippies

Jon Acuff's post

- The meditation starts at 17:50 

Comment below and let me know what was helpful for you from todays episode! I am excited to hear from you. 

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