EP37: Finding The Right Coach/Healer/Therapist For You [The Healing Series]

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Hey lovelies! 

This week on the Mystics On A Mission Show, I am sharing with you what things I look for before hiring a coach or healer. I've spent (and wasted) a LOT of money on programs that didn't really get me anywhere!

Luckily, I am getting better at seeing beyond the smoke & mirrors and being able to identify who can actually help me. What's really helpful is to have a clear set of standards for everyone who wants to join my team and they are non-negotiable!

Maybe some of you have already had experiences where you weren't satisfied with the support you received or spent way past your budget and ended up getting yourself into trouble. If you haven't, that's great, maybe you can share with us how you sniff out the best people to work with! 

As always, take what resonates and leave the rest. This podcast episode is full of personal stories, my values as a prospecting client and some background information about the coaching industry! 

In this episode, I share:

1.   How to get the most out of a coaching/healing program, 

2.  What qualities to look for in order to find an amazing coach, and

3. Why coaches who makes mistakes can be the best ones to work with! 

Resources from the show: 

- Learn more about Family Constellation Therapy 

Comment below and let me know what was helpful for you from todays episode! I am excited to hear from you. 

PS: Have a feeling that you and I could be a great fit?
Email me at hanna@freespirited.co and I'll set up a call, so that we can discuss the details of working with me. Learn more about FCT and payment options here.