EP36: Overcoming Hard Times In Life [The Healing Series]

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Hey there, 

We are back with another podcast episode and this time we are talking about healing from personal trauma! My intention with this episode is to have you thinking about the traumas you've experienced and how they affect you today. 

On the show, we cover issues like sexual abuse, eating disorders, war trauma, emotional abuse and many others. Make yourself a cup of tea and curl up in a blanket, this might bring up some stuff for you, but it's going to be so good for you to feel your way through this!

In this episode, I share:

1.   How sexual abuse affects your ability to set boundaries, 

2.   What deeper dynamics might be the cause for your eating disorder, and

3. How to heal from all those heavy traumas, so that you can recover and have a happy, healthy life!

Resources from the show: 

- Learn more about Family Constellation Therapy 

- The podcast episode about emotional healing 

Comment below and let me know what was helpful for you from todays episode! I am excited to hear from you. 

PS: Want to take this deeper and get some personal support?
Email me at hanna@freespirited.co and I'll set up a call, so that we can discuss the details. Learn more about FCT and payment options here.