EP35: Mom & Dad Healing [The Healing Series]

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Hey lovelies! 

Today, we're going one step deeper and work on restoring the energetic bond between you and your parents (especially mom). 

At the root of many money, career and relationship issues, as well as depression/anxiety are breaks in the bond between our parents and us and it's so important to heal this! The truth is, your parents are the biggest potential sources of life force energy for you and you need to have a healthy bond with them if you want to live a truly happy and abundant life. 

In today's episode I am talking about common disruptors of parent/child relationships and how to start reconnecting energetically in a safe and healthy way, so that you can start filling up with life force energy again and take steps into your desired future! 

In this episode, I share:

1.   Why restoring the bond between you and your parents is the best thing you can do for yourself,

2.   How to do it safely (even if you were adopted or have abusive/unavailable parents), and

3. How to get the life force energy you need to create the life you want!

Resources from the show: 

- Learn more about Family Constellation Therapy 

- The visualization starts at 5:42

Comment below and let me know what was helpful for you from todays episode! I am excited to hear from you. 

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