EP34: Family And Childhood Healing [The Healing Series]

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Hi everyone, 

Today we are getting into the meat and potatoes when it comes to healing! We all know that most of our issues come from the experiences we've had as children, but most of us have no clue how to effectively heal this. 

Family patterns that were passed down to us from our ancestors and the experiences we have between the ages of 0-10 shape us the most. Even decades later, these things show up as dense energy pockets in my clients energy fields and wreak havoc on their health, relationships, creativity, money and happiness!

Clearing out the family gunk usually relieves my clients of about 70-80% of their most persistent patterns. I am extremely passionate about sharing an energy healing technique called Family Constellation Therapy with the people I come in touch with because it allows us to heal your biggest issues in only a matter of sessions (and it has helped me in ways no other healing modality was able to). 

I am so glad we are not limited by our families' genetic predisposition and the imprinting we go through as children! Back when I started my business I didn't understand how unlimited we truly are, let alone how to heal to the point where we can freely create our lives, without any family karma pulling the strings in the background. 

In this episode, I share:

1. What common family dynamics are at the root of your issues, 

2. The first steps you can take to balance your family system, and

3. A nightly prayer you can do to feel better about your family. 

Resources from the show: 

- Learn more about Family Constellation Therapy 

- The nightly prayer starts at 30:30

- Book your healing sessions

- Download the Family Order Meditation

Comment below and let me know what was helpful for you from todays episode! I am excited to hear from you. 

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