EP32: Welcome Home [The Healing Series]

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Hey everyone! 

I am so excited to be bringing you the first episode of season 2! We are kicking this off with a podcast series on healing. 

I received so many questions, requests and feedback from you guys and producing this podcast series is very close to my heart. 

We are going to cover a lot of ground in this series and I am starting off with an episode that explains the basics of emotional, mental, energetic, transgenerational and physical healing. 

There are many untruths being tossed around and there's really no reason to buy into those. 

"Life's always going to be ups and downs."

"My family is too messed up, this can't be healed."

"Healing is a lifelong journey and my core wounds will be triggered many times."

"If I get too happy and blissed out, I will be weird and miss out on life."

"I tried so many things, I don't think this can really change for me."

And so on..

The belief that healing takes a long time is a pretty popular one, so ask yourself: 

"Do I really want to spend my life working through my stuff? Or do I want to get over it already and live as the happiest version of me, experiencing my life to its fullest potential?"

It's really up you, but I believe that the point of life is to become generous, abundant, alive and happy and then to share that freely!

After listening to this episode, you'll see that you are a truly limitless being who creates their life and can be whoever they choose to be!

In addition to knowing this, I would love to give you the tools to become happier than you ever thought possible (while being fully immersed in living life) and to freely create your future. 

In this episode, I share:

1. Why it's important to become a fully activated human being,

2. How to know if the healing you are doing is working effectively, 

3. What it takes to become truly happy, healthy and blissed out!

Resources from the show: 

- Learn more about Family Constellation Therapy 

Comment below and let me know what you are most excited about healing in your life and why! 

PS: I currently have two spots open for coaching with me! 
Interested? Email me at hanna@freespirited.co and I'll set up a call, so that we can discuss the details. Learn more about FCT and payment options here.